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Wickedly Fabulous Phone Cases!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

We all appreciate being able to include Disney aspects in our everyday life, this includes the use of phone cases to jazz up our mobile phones.

From a simple google search, many princess inspired phone cases pop up, however, that may not be to everyone’s tastes. Some of us princesses have a little villain inside of us and want something that little bit different.

Here, I thought I would give you lovely people a few examples of the different styles of Disney phone covers you can find that are that little bit different. My own phone model is an iPhone 5s and thus, the model of phone I shall be searching for is iPhone – nothing like a bit of phone case window shopping!

Firstly, I searched through RedBubble and found three examples to show you:

Alternative Disney


This first case shows my favourite Little Mermaid, but not as you are used to seeing her. This case shows our little Ariel as a rotting zombie. This one may not be to everyone’s tastes but I personally enjoy it as I love how people take Disney tales and twist them into something darker. After all, many of the stories that Disney adapted had more macabre beginnings. This case is available from the iPhone 4 model up until the most recent iPhone 6 plus. This case will set you back £20.01, which some may consider expensive for a phone case but the design of it is different and may make the cost worth it – if zombies are your thing!

Sail Bait


The second case I found on RedBubble is this Rockbilly inspired Ariel case. I particularly like this one as I have an affinity for anything Rockabilly or vintage looking. Sailor Jerry springs straight to mind! I see this as different to your average princess phone case as it’s less glitter and sparkles and more rock n roll. This case comes in all iPhone models and costs £18.61

X-Ray 626


My final RedBubble choice comes in the form of this glorious Experiment 626 inspired phone case. Again, it goes along the zombie line of design. I particularly enjoyed this phone case design as it isn’t a princess or a villain; it’s one of the main characters from a film that was created in the post-renaissance era that is marmite for some. For me, personally, I loved Lilo & Stitch and I just adore this phone case. It is different whilst still keeping true to the fact that Stitch is absolutely adorable. Again this phone case is available in all iPhone models and costs £20.01.

The second place I searched for alternative phone cases was good old eBay:

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo Case


These punk edits of Disney characters are sometimes hit and miss. Some are done extremely well and some are, well, a little more sloppy. I for one am not an editing genius and so, to me, all of these punk edits express some kind of talent. This is another type of case that can be seen as marmite for Disney fans; you either love ’em or you hate ’em. Ebay is full of phone cases with this type of aesthetic, in any phone model you can think of – well, pretty much. Alice was one of the first ones I came across and personally, I like this case. I enjoy that they kept her blonde hair and simply changed her clothing to a more alternative style, and gave her tattoos. This case is available on Buy It Now and costs £8.49.

Tattoo Portrait Princess


This case here is one of my personal favourites. Another Rockabilly inspired design except this one is fronted by Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I adore this film and would happily wander around with Sally as my phone case. I love the little details such as the hair style and the Jack earrings. I’m also glad they kept her original dress design in there, even if it has been jazzed up a bit. This phone case is one of the cheaper ones featured in this article as it only costs £5.95. It’s available in all iPhone models.

Snow White Tattoo Princess


The tattooed princesses seem to be a very popular choice when it comes to alternative style phone cases. No matter what you search with relation to Disney phone cases on eBay, you will find cases like this. I quite like this Snow case as it shows her with longer hair, Rockabilly style swallow tattoo’s and piercings. Some may say that these versions of the princesses ruin the Disney magic but personally , I just see them as one person interpretation of the modern. This case is available in all iPhone models and costs £6.99 on the Buy It Now option.

The final place I searched for alternative Disney phone covers was Etsy:

Vintage Disney Princess Jasmine


Compared to some of the other cases I have found, this one may seem less of an alternative case. However, I find this one beautiful and intricate in it’s design. The attention to detail is amazing; the Rajah tattoo, the banner in a language that is fitting to the setting of the movie and just generally the style in which this version of Jasmine has been created. I found this case on an Etsy store called TheOpenCanvas and costs £4.68. This case is only available for those who own an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 6.

Disney Villain Bling Case


This case is a little bit of an exception to the no glitter and glam I mentioned earlier. This is a bling villains phone case available from a store called CustomRandom. The best part about this case is that it is totally customisable. The owner of the store has given a list of villain cases she already makes, however gives the option for you to customise your own case.As this is a customisable case, the price depends on which model of iPhone you wish to own a bling case for. An iPhone 4 is £12.04 and an iPhone 6 plus is £17.39; all other models are priced inbetween these brackets.

Nightmare Before Christmas


The final offering is this Nightmare Before Christmas inspired decoden phone case. I found this on a store called CherryBlossomWales. We couldn’t have a list of alternative phone case examples without having the Pumpkin King make an appearance. This beautiful bling phone case is available in all types of phone models but is another that is a little more expensive. This phone case costs £20.00 and this store will ship internationally.

These nine cases are just a small selection of some of the amazing alternative Disney phone cases that are out there on the world wide web. I for one will never stop looking for fun and fabulous cases to change up my iPhone. Which one was your favourite? Which one did you think was too much?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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