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A Haunted Mansion?

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

On September 8th I was on Twitter, as I am on most days, and I came across some tweets that excited me extremely.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have a small obsession with the paranormal, spending a lot of my time watching television shows about ghost hunting and famous hauntings. One of my favourites of these shows is Ghost Adventures. On the date mentioned above, the following conversation happened between two members of the Ghost Adventures Crew:




Now, these tweets excited me for the following reasons.

Everyone knows that Disneyland is a popular holiday destination for children and adults alike, and some, wish to remain there when their human lives come to an end. There has been a myth now for many many years that families have taken it upon themselves to scatter their loved ones ashes on rides such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. As much as Disney do not agree with this and attempt to stop it whenever possible, there will be those families that slip through the net and give their dearly departed family members a more magical resting place.

One of the more famous stories to come out of the Haunted Mansion is that of the little ghost boy that will peek his head out from the doom buggy in front you, staring at you with his empty eyes. One visitor apparently managed to take a photograph of the little boy:


When it comes to photographs such as this I am always a little skeptical. I am not an expert with photography or editing and therefore I look at ‘evidence’ such as this with a pinch of salt. A lot of people are genuine when it comes to their ghost hunting hobbies, but others will edit and fake in order to gain fame and fortune.

Another ghost story that comes from Disneyland in Anaheim, California is the theory that Mr Walt Disney himself frequents the park on an evening, wandering around his magical home. If you go to YouTube and type in Walt Disney ghost, you will see footage of what is claimed to be the ghostly figure of Walt Disney, captured on four different CCTV camera’s, strolling through the park and across the lake. Other have claimed that  Walt still likes to reside in his former apartment above the Fire Station on Main Street. Cast Members have reported to have seen lights flickering on and off and have heard footsteps coming from the second floor which is then followed by an eerie phantom knock.

There are of course further reports of deaths that have happened in Disneyland due to accidents including the man who had a heart attack on the Haunted Mansion in 1970, a graduate student who fell to his death on the same ride for leaving his doom buggy during the ballroom scene and another male who passed away on Space Mountain, later gaining the name, ‘Mr One Way’. By simply typing in Disneyland Hauntings or Disneyland deaths into google, many interesting case studies and myths pop up.

The stories in this article alone could give the Ghost Adventures Crew enough evidence to warrant doing and investigation in the most magical place on earth. The question of whether fans of the theme park would want their magical home visited by paranormal investigators. Do many wish to ignore the accidents or the myths and pretend bad things have never happened within Disneyland? Or would other Disney fans wish for an investigation to go forward with the hope that GAC may make contact with Walt Disney himself? Myself, personally, would love to see Ghost Adventures do an investigation in Disneyland as they are always very respectful of their locations, they always attempt to debunk and investigate any evidence they may collect and they always do their research.

For me personally, if they were to investigate Disneyland, it may become my favourite episode of theirs they have made. What do you guys think? Should an investigation into Disneyland Paranormal happen, or should it be left as myths and stories?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel.

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