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It’s Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

With Halloween coming up, I thought I would do a blog post specifically about all things Hocus Pocus! What Halloween would it be without out beloved Sanderson Sisters?

I have gathered a small collection of superb Sanderson Sisters merchandise especially for you!

Disney Parks Sanderson Sisters T-Shirts

Disneyland and Walt Disney World have released these Sanderson Sisters inspired T-Shirts. Available on the US Disney Store for a limited time period only (21- 27th of September). This T-Shirts cost $29.95 and are currently an offer of ‘Buy one, get one half price). For those in the UK, please be aware of shipping costs if buying items from the US.


The first is of course Sarah Sanderson, my favourite sister.


Then we have Winifred, the leader of the three Sanderson Sisters.


Finally we have Mary Sanderson, the slightly dim but still loveable third sister.

Sanderson Sisters Museum

The second set of limited edition Hocus Pocus merchandise on the US Disney Store website is this selection of Sanderson Sisters Museum clothing. Wear it as if you have just proudly walked out of the Sanderson sister’s former home in Salem!


The first item is a long sleeved, hoodie. This costs $59.95.


Next is a long sleeved jumper, perfect for the autumn weather. This item costs $31.95.


Finally we have a trusty Sanderson Sister Museum T-Shirt which costs $27.95.

Sanderson Sisters Candle

Next up we have a Sanderson Sisters candle from a shop on etsy called BlackFlamedCandle, so aptly named. It is made from unscented soy wax and is said to burn for up to 80 hours. Sadly, this shop only ships to the United States but I thought I would share this fantastic candle with you anyway.


Sanderson Sisters Mugs

I found these Sanderson Sisters mugs on an instagram account called GypsyWitchCult. Their bio included a link to their ebay account where you can purchase these fantastic mugs. Unfortunately for us Brits, this will mean a rather hefty shipping fee. The three mugs are $7.99 each and come with a shipping charge of $17.95.


Firstly we have Mary Sanderson.


Sarah Sanderson, my favourite of the Sanderson Sisters.


And finally Winifred, the leader of the Sisters.

Sanderson Sisters Jewellery

The jewellery that follows comes from a seller on etsy called MadMaggisCreations who designs all kinds of spooktacular jewellery and accessories.

MaryNecklace Sarah Necklace

These two necklaces are £5.31 each plus shipping. Upon adding one to my cart, the shipping came in at just over £4, which isn’t bad seeing as these items are coming from America. I am very tempted to buy myself a Sarah Sanderson necklace.


The next item is this fabulous Sanderson Sisters bracelet. The cameo is set in bronze and the bracelet is made out of suede. This costs £3.32 and shipping is £4.63; again not a bad shipping price giving that it is being shipped from America.

This next piece of jewellery comes from a store on Etsy called CBCreepshow. It is a cameo necklace of all three Sanderson sisters from the promotional posters. This costs £5.31 plus a rather reasonable £2.65 shipping charge.


Hocus Pocus Poster

The final item on this blog is a movie poster from a seller on ebay called theposterbaron. The description states that this poster is movie theatre size. This version costs $17.82 (or roughly £11.51) with a shipping charge of $15.76 (£10.18). There will of course be cheaper versions of this poster on ebay, it’s just about searching and finding the right sellers.


If you type in Hocus Pocus on etsy you can find so many beautiful and amazing items. Whatever it is that you are looking for, some gifted artist has created it. Click here to see what I mean.

Do you love Hocus Pocus as much as I do? Would you own any Hocus Pocus memorabilia?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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