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Halloween ASMR

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

Something a little bit different for you today. As some of you may already know, I listen to ASMR in order to relax and/or get to sleep. For the past few years I have had to deal with bouts of insomnia from time and time and I’ve found that ASMR helps me eventually drift off.

For those of you who don’t know what ASMR is, here is a brief explanation: ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and is seen as a distinct tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back and peripheral regions of your body. Occasionally this can spread to the arms and legs as well. This is all in response to certain auditory and visual stimuli. Recently, it has become a large phenomenon across YouTube with many channels specifically creating ASMR videos. These youtubers are known as ASMRtists respectfully.

As Halloween is coming up, I thought I would gather together some Halloween inspired ASMR videos for your viewing and listening pleasure.


The first set of videos come from one of my favourite ASMRtists called WhispersRedASMR, also known as Emma. She has been making ASMR videos for over two years now and has a large variety on her channel, meaning there is something for everyone. You can find her channel here and her twitter here.

  1. Bored & Disgruntled Halloween Shop Owner

2. Bored & Disgruntled Halloween Shop Owner #2

3. Halloween Candy/Sweets – ASMR for children.


The next channel is another one of my favourites and comes from WhispersUnicorn, aka Ashlie, an ASMRtist from America. Again, she has been creating videos for about two years and has a wide range of different videos. You can find her channel here and her twitter here.

  1. Halloween Face Paint Roleplay


This channel was the first one I discovered when searching for ASMR on YouTube. I was going to use it as a calming/relaxation method during my final exam period of my university degree. The channel is run by Dmitri from Australia. You can find his channel here and his twitter here.

  1. ASMR Halloween Roleplay


This is a channel I have not personally listened to, but I found that they have a few videos themed to Halloween or the more spooky side of ASMR. The channel is run by a girl called Ally and you can find the channel here and her twitter here.

  1. Jack Skellington Halloween Cake Pops

2. Jell-O Brain

3. Goosebumps Books


Again, this is another channel I haven’t personally listened to, however she has a good few spooky themed ASMR videos that you can listen to. You can find her channel here and her twitter here.

  1. Halloween ASMR Scientist Roleplay

2. Halloween Witches Spell Roleplay

3. Good Witch Roleplay


And Finally, let me give you a few stand alone videos that I found from a simple YouTube search of ‘Halloween ASMR’.

  1. DIY Halloween Jars – SilentCitadel

2. Morticia Addams Does Your Make-Up – Albinwhisperland

3. ASMR Halloween Pumpkin Carving – theASMRnerd

Do you experience ASMR? Had you heard of ASMR before this blog post? Which video was your favourite?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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