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Alternative Disneybound: Haunted Mansion

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

For those of you who have not heard of Disneybounding, I shall start this post off with a brief introduction. Disneybounding was created by Leslie Kay in the form of a tumblr blog. Originally, this tumblr was created so that Leslie and a friend could count down the days until their Disneyland trip, however, it soon became a very popular Disney fashion blog.

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will show you collections of Leslie’s more alternative Disneybounds, giving the alternative Disney fan inspiration to create their own fantastic outfits!

This first collection is based off the Disneyland ride, The Haunted Mansion.

Haunted Mansion Disneybounds


This first Haunted Mansion Disneybound idea is slightly more on the formal side; something you could wear to a party. A lace dress, like the one above, gives the illusion of old and covered in cobwebs. If you’re not one for heels, team this look with a pair of black, studded flats.


Getting married? A white wedding not your thing? Then perhaps this Haunted Mansion Disneybound inspiration can help you. The floor length, strapless bridal gown includes the colours purple and black which is the Haunted Mansion’s signature colours (as found in their famous wallpaper).  Black bridesmaid dresses add to this Haunted Mansion themed wedding, teamed with purple shoes and a lace fascinator. This Disneybound could help give any wedding that Gothic flair.


A Disneybound that can be both formal and casual. A lacey skater dress can be worn with heeled boots or courts, or dressed down with tights and a pair of flats or black converse. The hat included in this Disneybound gives the look a classic fourties vibe. Another way to create a casual look from this inspiration is to swap the clutch purse for a black shoulder back or backpack.


This Disneybound is one of my favourites that follow the Haunted Mansion theme. Teaming a simple pair of black jeans with a purple vest top shows you can Disneybound even if you’re just popping down the road to the shops. The Dr Marten style boots in the Haunted Mansion wallpaper design may be my favourite thing that I have ever seen. For those autumn days, add a long black cardigan or similar covering to keep yourself warm.


The final Haunted Mansion inspired Disneybound is another one on the more formal side. This one is teamed with a clutch bag that includes a purple and black flocked design, mocking the wallpaper design of the famous mansion. A simply black or purple clutch would also do the trick perfectly. Again, if you’re not the heel type, swap them out for a nice pair of flats.

Would you have a Haunted Mansion themed wedding? Are you a formal or casual Disneybounder?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel.

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