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Halloween Haul

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today, I bring you a haul blog, specifically, a Halloween haul. Halloween is one of my favourite times of year and so, when the 1st of October rolls around, you will find me down the Halloween aisles of every store, looking for the spookiest of items.

I’m going to be brutally honest and say that most of these items will have a permanent home in my bedroom!


So, without further a do, here is what will probably be the first of a few Halloween hauls!


This was the first place I went into during my search for Halloween as I know they always sell some lovely items for a very reasonable price.


The first item I purchased was this lidded tumbler with a straw. I’ve been looking for a nice lidded tumbler for a while now. I always have a glass of water or juice by the side of my bed and it grosses me out slightly knowing what air born rubbish can float into your drink. This one was too cute to pass up, especially when it only cost £1.


I also saw these LED candles. Having a cat in the household means that there is a chance of things being knocked off counter tops, or pushed off in order to get our attention. As I don’t fancy setting my home on fire in the name of Halloween creepiness, these seemed perfect for the job!


I bought these tights as, although only £1 so will probably last all of 30 seconds, I thought they looked perfect for a Jack Skellington Disneybound. I already have my Halloween costume so they won’t be used for that but hey, who doesn’t like striped tights? I may have to return to Poundland and get myself a few more pairs, or some of the other designs!


This spooky table cloth now covers the top of my set of draws, which also plays home to my tv and my PS3. I’m not very good with relating measurements in a description to actual sizes so I thought this would be bigger, seeing as it’s meant to be a table cloth. However, for the job it is now doing, it’s perfect! Again, this item was only £1, of course.


I bought this having no idea what use I would get out of it, but I couldn’t pass up on having a spooky cobweb bowl. It will probably end up being a storage area for hair ties and bobby pins but I will try and think of a better use to put it too. There were four different designs that I could find but this black one was my favourite.


The Final item from Poundland was this adorable pumpkin tealight holder. I only had small glass tealight holders and I have some candles that don’t fit into them. So when I saw this, I knew I had to have it. It’s cute, it’s spooky & I’m sure it will look extra pretty with a burning candle inside of it.

Card Factory

An unusual place to look for Halloween items, and actually, I went in to buy a card for a friend and saw this whilst in the queue.


This is an LED lantern with the most adorable pumpkin face on it. This wasn’t massively expensive either. I think it was 99p or £1.99, I can’t remember. Which is bad, as I’m only writing this one week after purchasing the item. Either way, it’s an adorable little Halloween item that won’t break your bank.


I went into Clintons to have a look at their Tsum Tsum collection and their arrangement of Disney Traditions and came across their Yankee Candle section. As much as I love Yankee Candles, I never feel I can justify spending that amount of money on something that I will just burn. However, they had a collection of Halloween candles. One called Witches Brew and one called Candy Corn.


I chose Candy Corn as to me, Witches Brew didn’t smell that inviting. Candy Corn on the other hand is just sweet enough without being overly powering. I am looking forward to writing blogs to the smell of Halloween. Although knowing the way my brain works, I will also be sad to burn this Halloween candle.


My final stop was CEX. Whenever I am in town, I always pay this amazing store a visit. This is not good for my bank account as I always come out with more than one item.


This time around, I controlled my urges and only purchased these four items. They all ranged from £1.50 – £6. I’ve never had a physical copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas, so I thought it was time I did. I also managed to find Coraline, which I’ve never seen before. I also looked for Frankenweenie and Corpse Bride but the store didn’t have them at the time. I then got myself the second season of Vampire Diaries to go with my DVD’s of season one. I’ve also always wanted to own True Blood on DVD as I’ve only ever watched it on tv and it’s been a long while since I saw the first season. Anything to do with vampires, I will buy it/watch it.

Have you guys bought anything for Halloween? Are you having a party or going out to celebrate it?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

2 thoughts on “Halloween Haul

  1. Some of these items are to die for, but I’m more in love with some of the Halloween range at Sainsburys, as their pumpkins are just adorable and they also have glitter tea lights and who doesn’t need them. Also, I feel as if you need the Mickey and Minnie plastic plates from Tesco. I’ll shut up now, I do really like that tumbler though.


    1. I bought all of this on October 1st, I just a had so many posts scheduled it came out this late. I am however going on another Halloween shopping trip this Thursday so I’ll have a look in the mentioned shops to see if I can find anything ☺️

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