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Isaiah Stephens: Halloween Boys!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

I bring you, the third installment of Isaiah Stephens wonderful Halloween Disney characters. This week, I bring you the Disney boys dressed in their Halloween finest!



I was a child in the 90s and so, I grew up watching Pokemon like it was a religion. I collected everything pokemon you could think of. So for me, having Aladdin dressing up as Ash could not be more perfect. Two large aspects to my 90s childhood merged in one digital drawing!



The Beast as Hulk seems like a very obvious choice to me; they’re both angry, they can both seem scary, they can both be human. I’m not saying it isn’t very well done, because it is, Isaiah is very talented. Perhaps I’m over thinking it and because it’s an obvious choice, Hulk is perfect for Beast.

Charming, Eric and Florian


Here, we get three for the price of one. This digital drawing includes Prince Charming (Cinderella), Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) and Prince Florian (Snow White) as Dean, Sam and Castiel from Supernatural. I am going to admit now that I had to Google who Florian was as I completely forgot that the Prince in Snow White was eventually given a name and I am also going to admit that I have only seen season one and few odd episodes of Supernatural. Sorry guys!

Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzgerald and Maximus


This one actually made me laugh for a little bit longer than it probably should have. Maximus looks way too much like Doc Brown than he really should. As for Flynn/Eugene being Marty McFly, I just think it’s genius and had me very, very amused!

John Smith


Okay, this one I had to Google which Disney character this was. I just could not think of who would be dressed up as Johnny Bravo. Turns out it is actually John Smith from Pocahontas. This one just confused me too much from the beginning and I didn’t really ever watch Johnny Bravo as a kid either. I think this one is my least favourite from all three collections.

Li Shang


For this one I had to Google who Li Shang was dressed as and it turns out he is dressed as Mako from Avatar: The Last Airbender. You must be strong as the raging fire, ay Shang? This one is slightly more visually stunning than the others purely because of Shangs fire bending abilities.



Milo is here dressed as my favourite Doctor, number 10; aka David Tennants Doctor from the newer seasons of Doctor Who. I like how his sonic screwdriver has the blue Atlantian glow that their crystals have. I think that’s a lovely small, but wonderful detail. I personally think that Atlantis is one of the more underrated Disney films so I’m glad that Milo got included in this collection.



Who better to dress up as for Halloween than Captain Jack Sparrow? Naveen had this idea in this digital drawing. Although I don’t see many connections between Naveen and Jack (other than their want for money) I just think this is a brilliant design and a brilliant idea!

Peter Pan


Peter Pan as Link could be seen as perfect for the following reason: a pixie like character that wears green, a lot. I think Link and Peter could have a lot in common but I’ve never played any of the Zelda games so can’t really comment on that a lot. Peter looks good in green and so, I’d say this was a good choice of Halloween costume.



Giving that Phillip fights off so much in order to reach his Sleeping Beauty, I’d say dressing up as Indiana Jones, one of the bravest explorers in film, is a wise choice. Again, it’s strange seeing a Disney character with a whip, but I can look past this and see that this cross over was such a good choice and very well executed.



Okay, this one made me laugh quite a bit, out loud … there may have been snorting. Quasimodo as Austin Powers. These two have so little in common it’s just funny. Quasimodo is shy and keeps to himself mostly, where as Austin is loud and loves to be the centre of attention. Quasimodo s not very good with the ladies (well, not until the sequel anyway) where as Austin is known for nothing other than being amazing with the ladies. In a way though, I think this is ironically awesome and love Quasi as Austin Powers. Yeah baby!

So, that was the Halloween boys collection. Which one was your favourite? Did you like this collection the least? Or the most?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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