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Halloween at Disneyland Paris 2015

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Halloween is upon us and at Disneyland Paris, the season has been frightful since October 1st.

I have never personally witnessed Halloween at Disneyland Paris, which makes me sad but I am however determined to go for 2016; a soiree costume idea having already been thought of! This year however, I will have to vicariously live through all of my friends who will be there on All Hallows Eve!

This year however, I have been excited and thrilled at all of the photographs that have been popping up on both Twitter & Facebook and Halloween this year looks better then ever!

This is going to be a long blog post, so grab your pumpkin spiced latte and halloween cupcake and make yourself spooky and comfortable!

The photographs that follow were taken by the fantastic InsideDLParis, unless stated otherwise. If you haven’t seen either of their pages before, you can find their Facebook page here and their Twitter here. InsideDLParis post daily photographs and updates from Disneyland Paris.


1 2 3 4 5 6

The first aspect of Halloween that got my attention was all the fabulous orange and black banners that are being hung across the buildings of Main Street USA and Frontierland. What particularly looks amazing is the Silver Spur Steakhouse which recently had a paint job in favour of a darker colour scheme.

840 9 42


The next place of interest is the Royal Castle Stage and the area surrounding the castle. In 2014, Maleficent took over with her many brambles, and this year, there are many many more bursting out from beneath the ground. The one thing that massively impressed me with the brambles last year was the fact that they were in the shape of a dragon. This returns once again this year! As well as Maleficents brambles, Royal Castle Stage has been decked out in many a beautifully coloured pumpkin. I think this is my favourite addition to the area that surrounds our beautiful castle.

Above is a video of the new ‘mini-show’ on the Royal Castle Stage called It’s Good to be Bad with the Disney Villains.  This video was filmed by dlrpfans and includes a few of the performances!

 36  39    43 44



The famous character pumpkins have also made a return, as well as the ghostly residents of Main Street. The latter having come down from their respective buildings to haunt you from the ground.


At the moment, The Disneyland Railroad is going through a long term refurbishment. This has meant lots of scaffolding being put up around Main Street station. I think I speak for quite a few Disneyland Paris fans when I say that I was worried it would not get it’s usual seasonal decorations. Boy were our worries knocked out of the park. Although there is still scaffolding in the way, Disney did not forget our favourite entrance and gave it it’s usual spooky, Halloween flair.

 13 14 15


These photographs, taken by ED92 show the new lantern designs that have been placed around Frontierland. I love a good Victorian style lantern so these added decorations get a very big and spooky thumbs up from me! The designs are fantastic and I love the shadow effect of them.

 12 13


2015 also saw the decorating of the Disney Village with cute little spooky decorations. Although I believe those cauldrons should be black, they still look like a perfect photo opportunity spot!

Halloween Cavalcade

15 16 17  19 20 21 2232 23 18

La Célébration Halloween de Mickey returned for another year with Daisy Duck once again being crowned Miss Harvest. After rumours spread earlier in the year, on twitter, that the cavalcade song would be changing, many of us were happy to hear the return of Vive La Vie! I may have never seen this cavalcade/parade in person but from photographs and videos alone, I adore it! I find the harvest concept beautiful and it’s all very seasonal and pretty!

Here is a video from InsideDLParis’ YouTube account of the cavalcade in all it’s glory!

Live Music

26 27

These live music performances can be found at Town Square and Thunder Mesa. Again I have never seen these in person but I have seen many a video of the band in Thunder Mesa playing songs from Nightmare Before Christmas and I love that movie. So I approve whole heartedly!

Character Meet n Greets

14 24

25 31

You can have a very cute meet n greet with Miss Minnie Mouse on Main Street USA this Halloween season, however she is not alone! You can meet Goofy at his BonBon machine and Stitch at his costume shop! Marie the adorable kitten is also waiting for you at Liberty Arcade! (Photograph taken by DLPToday).

 29 30

After the Disney Villains perform ‘It’s Good to be Bad’ there is the opportunity to meet your favourite one down at Maleficent’s Court. The brambles make the perfect photo opportunity.


Moving across to Frontierland, you will be able to meet Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King (photograph taken by Dan Brace at charactercentral.net) at his cemetery which is located near Phantom Manor. You will also be able to meet the main man himself, Mickey Mouse, at his Box of Pumpkins photo location in Cotton Creek Ranch!

The photos that follow were taken by ED92 and you can find their Twitter here.

Pumpkin Carving


1 7 8 9

The amazing pumpkin carving artist, Cyril Soreau has returned to Frontierland this Halloween in his own little booth. I can barely carve the simplest of pumpkin designs so to me, this is a very special and amazing talent! You can find his twitter here.

Halloween Menu

11 6


This year saw the introduction of a Halloween menu at the Lucky Nugget Saloon. For €19.99 you can get a Charolais Beef Cheeseburger mushrooms, rocket salad, tomato, bacon and chedder cheese. You can choose from either a side salad or twisted French fries to go with the burger and for afters, between a Halloween dessert or a Sundae. To round of the €19.99 deal, you can choose between a soda or a bottle of water.


A selection of Halloween treats has also been introduced to the Park. All of these look so delicious, except I know I wouldn’t be able to have the carrot cake due to allergies.


Instead of photographs of the Halloween merchandise (which I remember seeing all over twitter but can no longer find), I have found a video by dlrpfans that I will show you.

There are many items of the Halloween merchandise I would have loved to have been able to buy, so hopefully, the majority of items will still be around next year, with a few fab new things to add!

Overall, everything about this Halloween season at Disneyland Paris has me excited. Not because I can make a last minute trip, but for a trip in 2016. I have a year to prepare after all!

Are any of you going to Disneyland Paris for Halloween? Have you been in the past? Was it better then or now?

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