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Halloween Haul 2015 #2!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Once again I have broken my bank account and bought all of the wonderful Halloween items. Many of these items were purchased for my up and coming Halloween party but I thought I’d show you them anyway!

Again, these items were bought from all over the place!


So here we are, my second Halloween Haul of the year!

Pound Shop

My first stop was of course, the Pound Shop, which still had so many lovely items in considering how close to Halloween it is now!


The first two items I bought were these signs made out of small planks of wood. As soon as I saw these I knew I had to have them for my bedroom, for all year round! I just find them totally adorable


My next purchase was this lovely length of Halloween tinsel. It’s 4 metres long and has skeletons entwined in it. This would go lovely around a bannister or something similar to spook up your house on All Hallows Eve.


I bought these giant window silhouettes so that anyone coming to our house party knows which house ours is. Haven’t decided on Grim Reaper or Knife Murderer yet; that decision will be made on the night I think.


I haven’t yet decided whether this freaky fabric will go up at the house party or whether I will keep it for my bedroom but it looks like it would be a fab addition either ways.


This is just a simple spooky table cloth to save our dining room table from drink spillages or any other stains that it may gain during the party. I’m hoping it will be big enough to fit our rather large dining room table.


I love fridge magnets and I am very much looking forward to writing messages with these, probably all year round!


No party is complete without balloons and for £1, you can’t go wrong!



I bought these little skull lights from Sainsbury’s to wrap around the head of my bed. They only just about reach both sides of a double bed sized headboard though. They also don’t come with batteries and you need a very small screwdriver to open up the battery pack. They cos £3.50.


I also bought these Mr Kipling Witch Hat Fancies for £1. Although they’re green, they are orange flavoured, which I liked as most green things this Halloween are lime flavoured. It’s also interesting that they are orange flavoured but aren’t orange. Simple mind?


LuvYaBabes is a fancy dress shop in Leeds that has just recently opened. They do have a website which you can find here.


Although I do not ever feel like I will have a time to wear these, and braces never fit me that well anyway (big boob problems), I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy these Jack Skellington braces. These cost £2.99.


Another trip into town meant another trip into CEX. This time though I only bought one thing.


I bought Casper for £2 because why not? It was one of my favourite films as a child and I never had a genuine copy of it; just a vhs that was taped off the television!


Whenever I’m in town, I always call into Primark to see what they’re offering.


The first thing I bought was this pair of underwear. They’re classed as cheeky briefs and they have cats on them. They look as if the cats may glow in the dark, however there was no sticker on the underwear that said this. These were £1.


The second pair of underwear I bought however do glow in the dark! They’re bikini style briefs with ghosts on. It is the word ‘boo’ that glows in the dark! This pair were also £1.


I saw this Ursula t-shirt the last time I was in Primark and I didn’t buy it. This time, I decided to get it or I knew I would regret it. I absolutely adore it. I love a good Disney villain! This t-shirt was £6.


After purchasing the above items, I saw this on my way out of the front door and walked straight back to the till with it. I know Primark well and if you see something you like, you should probably buy it straight away or you may never see it again! I can’t wait to start wearing these tops! Again, this fantastic top was £6.

Well, that’s my second haul complete. Have you guys bought anything else in the past few weeks? Are you looking to do a Halloween shop soon?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

3 thoughts on “Halloween Haul 2015 #2!

    1. I think It’s a new one as this was the first time I’d seen it in. Although I know all Primarks differ, like some things I see online I don’t see in the Leeds store 😦


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