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Alternative Disneybound: Black Cat Day

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today is Black Cats Day and so, I thought I would bring you a quick little Alternative Disneybound post to help celebrate our little midnight friends. You can find the Disneybound tumblr here and the instagram here.


The first black cat we celebrate today is Figaro from Pinocchio.


The first is a holiday inspired Disneybound. A plain black dress will work just as well if you accessorise in whites and silvers. If you are not a heel person, try a pair of white dolly shoes. For a more casual look, try a pair of ankle top white converse with a plain black dress, perhaps with some white frilly trainer socks.


A more casual Figaro disneybound here, teaming a pair of plain black jeans with a cat jumper and white Dr Marten style boots. A black and white bag or backpack will finish off this look; preferably a cat print or animal print bag. I love the added Cleo influence in this Disneybound, even if I’m not a massive fan of gold.


The final Figaro look is another more fancy but again, could be dressed down by wearing flats such as converse, Dr Martens or cheaper alternatives. Swapping out the shrug for a plain black cardigan will automatically make this outfit look more casual. Cat and fish accessories finish off any Figaro Disneybound.


The next black cat is Lucifer from Cinderella.


Blacks and greys are two of my favourite colours to wear. This Lucifer Disneybound is super casual. To change it up for winter, wear black ankle boots and a thicker jacket. Or perhaps a long sleeved grey t-shirt.


A dress with a cute cat print on works for any of our Black Cat Disneybounds. For Lucifer, team it with silver accessories and white shoes; flats or converse. If you are wanting to jazz this outfit up, wear a nice pair of white heels or wedges.


The fourth Lucifer Disneybound is perfect for a casual shopping trip. A plain black skirt, a white shirt and a black jumper; perfect for these chilly autumn days. On a colder day, wear black tights or leggings with white flats, boots or converse. This one is my favourite as I love a peter pan collar and skater skirt.


The third Black Cat is Mittens from Bolt.


A plain black dress, black tights or knee high socks and white shoes makes for a simple Mittens Disneybound you can wear anywhere. Add black and white accessories and a black bag. If the weather is colder, add a plain black cardigan or jacket.

Thackery Binx

How could we celebrate Black Cat day and not include Thackery Binx.


A plain black dress with heeled sandles and black cat accessories are perfect for this Disneybound.

Most people have one trusty black dress that they can wear to anything. This dress can work for any Disney black cat you may wish to Disneybound. Have you Disneybounded as one of our favourite black cats before? If you have, tweet me here with your photographs as I’d love to see them.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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