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Isaiah Stephens: Halloween Villains!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

With just a couple of days until Halloween, I bring you the final collection of Isaiah Stephens Halloween Disney characters: the Villains! There is a pattern flowing through these designs as to the costumes these Villains wear.



Cruella is the first in the Villains collection and she is dressed as Lady Gaga in the controversial meat dress. Giving that Cruella was more than happy to skin puppies to make herself a coat, I think this Halloween outfit is extremely accurate and fits her to a tea! Even to the point that the fur in the background is Dalmatian fur, leading us to believe she wearing the puppies instead of just their fur.

Evil Queen


The second Villain is the Evil Queen from Snow White, dressed as Amy Winehouse. I like this one purely for the Rockabilly look that the Evil Queen has; you know I love anything Rockabilly. I think this one is my favourite out of the Villains collection.



Jafar as Michael Jackson made me laugh somewhat. The look on his face seems so smug, like Jafar is happy to be the King of Pop. I recognised this one straight away; both character and artist – and this was before I noticed Iago down at the bottom singing his heart out.



It took me a little while to try and figure out who Maleficent was dressed up as. Then it clicked; the white dress, the 80s leggings, the fingerless gloves – she is Madonna. I’m not entirely sure which Madonna (I’m sorry, it could be iconic and I wouldn’t really know) as I don’t listen to her music but either way, Maleficent looks good in 80s chic.

Mother Gothel


This is the one from this collection that I had to Google. I knew it was Mother Gothel but I had absolutely zero idea who she was dressed as. After about 10 minutes of trying to find the answer, Google told me that it was Cher. Another artist whose music I do not listen to and don’t really pay attention to. This one looks a little strange to me and a bit different to the style of the other. I think its the skin tone difference between her face and the lace section that is throwing me off.



Here we have the Queen of the Ocean and her minions, Flotsam and Jetsam, dressed like Beyonce in her Single Ladies video. This one is strange because Ursula has legs, but hey, Isaiah gave her some pretty decent pins for a half human-half octopus hybrid. I wonder if her ring is the equivalent of her shell necklace?

So what did you guys think of the final collection of Isaiah’s work? Which collection was your favourite?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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