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90s Halloween!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As you already know, I love Halloween. I always have. When I was a child, I would always have a little Halloween party at my grandparents house the weekend before Halloween (I would always be at a friends Halloween party on the 31st). We used to decorate the dining room and have a finger food buffet. It was lovely quality time that I spent with my grandparents and I have a lot of fond memories of these times.

I told my Grandma on the phone that we were having a Halloween party this year and she decided to send down some of our old decorations. I won’t be using these for the actual party as they carry far too much sentimental value, however, I thought I would show you guys the item as a sort of haul style blog!

So here we go: a 90s Halloween!


The first item were these headbands. Straight away memories came flooding back. As a child, I always wore the ghost headband. I then gave the two bat headbands to my Mam and my Auntie. I have a feeling I may wear one of these at work on Saturday night so I still feel in the Halloween spirit.


The second item is this Jack O Lantern treat or treat bag. I believe I took this trick or treating with me on Halloween night whenever I went out with my friends. I forgot how adorable this bag is.


Two spooky, skeleton hand wine glasses are up next. I completely forgot that we owned these. I have no idea where they are from but I know that this year, they were selling similar in the pond shop. They’re just plastic so would be awesome for parties. Mine however are slightly cracked simply due to age and transportation.


When I remember Halloween at my Grandparents house, I remember these candles. They’re far too pretty to burn don’t you think? They work perfectly as decoration. These will definitely stay in my room as I would love to use them as spooky decorations all year round.



My Grandma has always loved her colourful and patterned napkins for the table and Halloween was no exception. The pumpkin ones remind of Batgirl, even though she is wearing a witches hat.


Unusued Halloween streamers. I think these must have been bought in a large pack and barely used. I love the colours of Halloween.


This one made me jump as I put my hand in the box. I really dislike spiders and completely forgot we had this as a decoration. I feel some party pranks coming on!

IMG_0970 IMG_0971

The first of the banners that were in the box. This one is quite long and quite wide so unsure of where it will fit in my living room; if it gets put up. I am a real sap with sentimental stuff and never want to risk it being broken or ripped.


A table cloth that was too big to unfold in my bedroom. We already have a table cloth for this year from the pound shop so this one can be kept in the box. I do love a good Jack O Lantern though, one of my favourite parts of Halloween.

IMG_0973 IMG_0974

The second banner. This one is a little bit bent and broken due to it’s design so will probably remain in the box. My favourite part is the cartoon section in between the words Happy and Halloween.


Pumpkin wall decorations. There are two of the big ones and four of the small ones. I feel like putting these on the wall up the stairs to my bedroom instead of putting them up in the house. I swear my bedroom is going to become a spooky Halloween shrine.


A Jack O Lantern face mask. I can’t wear these as I wear glasses but it’s cute on the less. I’m fretty sure my Grandma managed to find some way to put it onto the wall as a hanging decoration.


A set of four window wall hangs. All so adorable!


My bat collection. These will go nicely with the bat wall I am going to create out of cardboard for one of the living room walls (which will then probably be transported to my bedroom wall after Halloween).


These two witches came from the top of cakes bought from Greggs bakery. I remember them being bright green cakes. And of course, another spider, because spiders are popular during Halloween. I’m not a massive fan of spiders, they make my skin crawl.

I remember a tonne more stuff from the Halloween parties at my Grandparents house from when I was a small child, but this is what I was sent in the post. I have such good memories of being a child at Halloween and I hope to be able to make many more. What memories of celebrating Halloween as a child do you have?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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