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Tapped Out: Treehouse of Horror!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As many of you will know by now, I am a massive fan of Halloween. One of my Halloween traditions is to watch the Treehouse of Horror. Something related to this that I also look forward to is the release of the Simpsons Tapped Out, Treehouse of Horror update. It is usually the best update of the year for this game!

I am currently playing through the 2015 update so I thought I would write a review, or a throwback blog, on the past 3 Halloween updates! Once the 2015 Halloween update has run its course, I shall write a review on it.

All images in this article come from Simpsons Wiki.



2012 was the Halloween update that occurred just before I got my first smart phone, so I didn’t have a chance to participate in this one. However, upon reading up about it, it revolved around the idea of the Mayan calendar ending.

This years collectable was candy.

Players could unlock Mayan God, Mayan Homer, Devil Flanders, Talking Krusty Doll, The Black Hole and Kang. Players could also spend doughnuts and buy The Raven and building a cauldron would unlock Witch Marge. . Spending candy would unlock Burns Monster.

The buildings that came with the Halloween update were Springfield Cemetery, Springfield Pet Cemetery, Springfield Subatomic Supercollider, House of Evil and Bad Dream House. There was also the Heck House facade for the church. If the player wishes to spend doughnuts, then they can buy a mausoleum.

I always wondered when some of these items had become available as I’ve always wanted the Bad Dream House in my Springfield but I hate spending unnecessary amounts of doughnuts on anything. I’m a hoarder. Even in the game world.



This was the first Halloween update that I was able to play.

The unlockable characters and buildings from the previous year returned but were only available when spending doughnuts. So, I have non of those characters as I don’t spend doughnuts, I just continue to collect them.

This years collectable was GOO, collected from squishing ghosts and releasing Gremlins into your neighbours Springfields.

This year, characters were unlocked through storylines and through community prizes, as well as by spending doughnuts. The storyline unlockable characters that came with this Halloween update include: Homer Strongman, Kodos, Count Burns, Maude Flanders Ghost and Susane the Witch. Characters that were unlocked through community prizes were: Clawing Zombie, Frog Prince, King Snorky, Shuffling Zombie. Characters unlocked through doughnuts include: Booberella, Crazy Zombie and Senile Zombie. Snarling Zombie could be purchased with dollars.

Other community prizes included: Pumpkin House, Victorian UFO, Ultrahouse 2, Ancient Burial Ground, Twirl n Hurl (for Krustyland), Burns Coffin, First Church of Lard Lad, Clawing Zombie and King Homers Skyscraper.

I think so far, this has been my favourite Halloween update. It was simple, yet fun to do. I loved the spooky look that Springfield was given, the music, the floating ghosts. It was all very fun and very spooky.



Finally we come to the 2014 Halloween update. This one had a similar premise to the 2013 update where you squish unwanted creatures in your Springfield in order to collect something.

This year, the collectables had time limits and changed after a certain length of time. The three collectables were Probes, Ray-Guns and Protein Strings. To collect these items, players would squish Rigellians.

Players could also collect candy by sending certain characters trick or treating and on random tasks. Characters would either collect bronze, silver or gold treat bags depending on whether the characters are unlockable or premium. Trick or treat bags contain items that can be used to craft other items.

Items that could be crafted during the first part of the event include: The Grand Pumpkin, Pumpkin House, Hugo, Spooky House, Spooky Wall, Human Test Subject, Rigellian Queen, Rigellian Tribal Hut, Rigellian Shrub and Gold Treat Bags. Prizes that can be crafted during the second part of the event include: Mutant Peacock, Doughnut Torture Device. Part three included: Bulldozer-saurus, Hover-Copter

I failed to craft the Rigellian Tribal Queen, the Rigellian Tribal Hut, the Doughnut Torture Device and the Hover-Copter.

Characters that could be unlocked with this update include Space Mutant, Bulldozer-saurus, Hugo, Mutant Peacock and the U.B.O.

Certain buildings and characters from previous years were made available again to buy with doughnuts.

I did enjoy the theming of the 2014 Halloween update, however, I am not a massive fan of the times prizes. Due to working, I miss out on a lot of the times prizes as I don’t send characters off on enough missions and the like. Which is sometimes annoying when you really want one of the prizes but just miss it!

Do you guys play Simpsons Tapped Out? If so, add me at amycatee. What has your favourite Halloween update been?

  • a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel.

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