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Alternative Disneybounding: Jack Skellington

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

Here is another collection of Alternative inspired Disneybound ideas for your viewing pleasure. You can find more inspirational ideas at Leslie’s tumblr blog here.

Jack Skellington Disneybounds

This collection of alternative Disneybound ideas, includes inspiration from the Pumpkin King himself.


This first Jack Skellington Disneybound is more on the formal side, however could be dressed down with a pair of black flats or converse. If it is summer, it’ll be okay to keep the legs bare but in winter, team this outfit with a nice pair of knee high socks or a pair of black tights. A black and white pinstripe dress takes influence from Jack’s suit and looks fantastic teamed with Jack or spooky accessories.


This second Jack Skellington Disneybound once again uses a black and white striped dress as the main focal point. Another more formal Disneybound but again, one that can be dressed down with a simple pair of flats and black tights. This is the first outfit idea that can be altered to wear at the office for the more corporate of alternative Disney fan.


The striped dress and blazer make another appearance in this version of a Jack Disneybound. This dress is slightly more casual than the first two, however, in contrast to the first outfit ideas, can be dressed up with a pair of black heels and a smart blazer. Team these items with black jewellery and plenty of skulls.


For the more casual girls out there, team a black and white vest top with a pair of black shorts and long black cardigan. If the weather does not permit a nice pair of sandles, then switch out for a pair of black trainers or ankle boots. Halloween and Jack inspired jewellery will give the finishing touches to this casual summers day Disneybound.


A Disneybound that includes trousers! Teaming black trousers with a black and white shirt means you can Disneybound from the office and no one will know the difference. Again with this idea, the heels can be swapped for black flats, or knee high boots if not worn for the office. If placing a formal spin on this Disneybound, swap out a shaped backpack for a simple black shoulder bag.


Another Disneybound that can be worn at the office, if you swap the jeans for a pair of skinny black trousers. The Jack Skellington jewellery can be swapped for plain black, white or silver. Shoes can be swapped for heels or a pair of black boots depending on your style and the formality of your office wear.


It’s party time in Halloween Town. A pinstripe dress teamed with a pair of black high heeled courts or ankle boots is a perfect example of how to Disneybound to a party. If you can’t handle the wearing of high heels for hours or simply prefer the casual look, team with a pair of studded courts. For Christmas/Winter parties, add a black cardigan or shrug.


This Jack Skellington Disneybound was created along the Summer Concert theme. Although summer is now behind us here in the UK, this could still be used as inspiration for a winter Disneybound. Under the shorts, put on a pair of thick black tights. Instead of the flats, switch them up for a pair of ankle boots. Make it a long sleeved black shirt and place a thick black cardigan or winter coat on top to keep you warm.


This is Halloween, and this is a part Disneybound. Instead of a pinstripe dress, this example makes the staple piece of the outfit the shoes, opting for a striped pair of heeled ankle boots. The fascinator shows that this outfit idea could be perfect for a wedding; just swap out the Jack jewellery for black and white.

The above Jack Skellington Disneybounds are all created by Leslie Kay and are simply there to give you inspiration in order to create your own fabulous outfits. Whether you find your clothes from a thrift store, shop expensive or on a budget, you can always Disneybound your favourite character. Imagination is limitless!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel.

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