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Favourite Disney YouTubers!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As you’ve probably guessed from a lot of my blog posts, I am a massive Disney fan. I am also a massive fan of YouTube, watching many YouTubers videos almost religiously.

I thought I would bring those two loves together in a blog post that gathers my favourite Disney YouTubers in one place. If there are YouTube accounts you have never found or seen before on this list, then hopefully you can find another one to love!

A lot of these YouTube accounts are not specifically Disneyland Paris or Disney YouTubers. majority of them create video content on other subjects and topics.

So here it is, a list of my favourite Disney Youtubers!

Ellie Steadman

I discovered Ellie’s videos back in June during my final University exam period. I was searching for Disneyland Paris vlogs to have on in the background and I came across her channel. Not only does she vlog from her Disney holidays, but she also makes Disney YouTube videos at home. I have recently been speaking to Ellie more and more and would now consider her one of my good Disney friends. It is Ellie that created the Disneyland Paris Tag; my version of which you can find here. For now, here is one of Ellie’s Disneyland Paris vlogs; if you like it, you should check out her channel!


Another one of my favourite Disney YouTubers is Sam4God. She has so many awesome Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World vlogs, as well as Disney related videos to watch. I have spoken to Sam quite a few times on twitter now and she is so lovely and friendly. Her vlogs are usually over an hour long as well so they are perfect to watch whilst doing work as they will keep you thoroughly entertained! Here is her latest vlog from her Halloween 2015 trip to Disneyland Paris!


I started watching Dedicated To DLP last year when I was originally planning to head back to Disneyland Paris. The show is presented by Steve who rounds up all of the latest stories, gossip and happenings at Disneyland Paris. There hasn’t been an episode for a while now but I thought that this channel still deserves a mention as it’s nice to look back on the gossip and rumours that we all got excited over at one time or another. Steve as more recently been uploading vlogs from one of his Disneyland Paris trips. I can say from personal experience as well that Steve is a wonderful and friendly guy. I have spoken to him many times on twitter and met him in London last December at a DLP Twitter meet. Here is part one of Steves Christmas 2014 vlog:


Another friend I have made through the Disney community. I watched Steph’s Disneyland Paris vlogs ages ago and never really clicked that it was her when talking in a Disneyland Paris facebook group. It wasn’t until we followed each other on twitter that I realised she did YouTube. Steph does both vlogs and Disney related videos and both are wonderful! Here is the first part of her Disneyland Paris 2015 vlogs:

Jack White

Jack is another YouTuber that I have watched for quite a while. He has one video where he reveals to his girlfriend Jenni, that they are headed to Disneyland Paris and it is super cute how he did it. His vlogs are wonderfully put together and just make you miss Disneyland Paris so much. Here is Jack’s 2014 Christmas vlog:

Rachel Mudd

I say that Rachel’s is not specifically Disney, but it sort of is. her videos are mainly Disneyland Paris videos and vlogs.  Rachel is another person I have met and become friends with via the Disney twitter community. Here is one of her vlogs for you to watch. Check out her channel after!

Themepark Worldwide

Themepark Worldwide are a group of YouTubers who travel to Themeparks across the world and vlog/talk about them. They have a few vlogs from their trips to Disneyland Paris and I watched them on repeat during my exam period. They’re so much fun to watch and Shawn who ‘presents’ the vlogs, is awesome at doing so! Here is part one of their May 2015, Swing into Spring vlog:

Rose Keats

I love Roses channel as a whole even if it is not specifically Disney; she does have a few Disney themed videos, including an entire run down of her Disney blu-ray collection. Rose has vlogged from Disneyland Paris a couple of times and I just love to watch them. Here is one from her Christmas 2014 trip:


Laura has one of the first Disney YouTube channels I ever subscribed to and watched very often. As well as a YouTuber, she is also a very talented artist; you can find her website here and her deviantart here. She has many vlogs of her trips to Disneyland Paris and they all give wonderful insights into the different seasons of Disneyland Paris. Here is the first part of her Frozen Summer Fun trip vlog:

Are there any Disney Youtubers you watch? Do you wish to share their channel? Leave a comment down below of your favourite Disney Youtubers!

There may be some I have missed as I watch so many fantastic YouTubers, but that just means I shall have to make a part 2!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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