Disney Fashion: WTF Plugs

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today I bring you a Disney fashion blog, but with a twist. Todays blog brings you a collection of plugs from WTF Plugs. I do not have stretched ears personally but I found these guys on Instagram and simply love the designs they pick for their plugs. From following them I later learned that they sell certain designs in fake plugs, so even if you just have simple ear piercings, you can wear some of their awesome designs!



The first set are these wonderful villain plugs. They’re available in sizes 5mm up to 50mm and are also available in fake plugs. They’re sold as a pair and are £8.51. In the order form you choose your choice of plug and size.

Beauty and the Beast


I personally find these Beauty and the Beast plugs beautiful. I love this movie as it is one that I grew up with and here you have quite a large choice. These are sold as a pair and are £8.51. Again these are available in 5mm to 50mm and fake plugs.



Another set of beautiful plugs; this time the Princesses. I’m a little bit sad that Aurora is not included in this set but Rapunzel is so that’s pretty cool. Same sizes and price as before and again available in fake plugs.


These Princess plugs are sold separately at £2.31 each. They come in sizes 6mm to 20mm and unfortunately do not come in fake plugs.

Alice in Wonderland 






This website has some amazing plug designs on, including many many Disney designs! If you click on this link, it will take you the ‘Animated Movie’ section of the website where you can find many of their Disney designs.

What designs do you like? Do you have stretched ears or would you opt for the fake plugs?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

One thought on “Disney Fashion: WTF Plugs

  1. I adore the Beauty and the Beast collection, but I don’t have stretched ears and I hate the way stretched ears look so I wouldn’t even opt for fake plugs but they’re definitely chosen some beautiful designs for those Disney lovers that have stretched ears.


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