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Alternative Disneybounding: Villains

Aloha my wonderful merfolk,

It’s time for a Villains inspired Disneybounding post; who doesn’t love a good villain? For more Disneybounding inspiration, go and have a look at Leslie’s tumblr.

Captain Hook


The staple piece of this Captain Hook inspired Disneybound is the bright red blazer, chosen to reflect the coat that Hook wears in the movie. Teamed with a plain white shirt, black jeans and a pair of ankle boots, this is the perfect casual Hook Disneybound. If you were wanting to jazz this outfit up, swap the ankle boots for a pair of heeled courts.



Chernabog is the large gargoyle from the end of Fantasia; a scene that used to scare me as a child. With the character being all black, it makes for the perfect alternative Disneybound. It is also a rather easy character to Disneybound as you probably have enough black staple pieces in your wardrobe to pull off a look such as this.

Dr Facilier


A lovely purple dress will be the centre piece of your Dr Facilier Disneybound. Team it with a blazer to match the villains suit from the movie. If looking for a more formal Disneybound, wear heeled courts and team with a black clutch bag. If wearing casually, wear black flats and a small shoulder bag. Skull jewellery will give the finishing touches to this voodoo witch doctor Disneybound.

Evil Queen


Another character that relies on rich purple colours. The Evil Queen can be worn both dressed up and casual. Team a wonderfully purple skater dress with a simple pair of flats or converse and a plain black cardigan for a casual look. If wanting to dress up the look, wear a black blazer and sparkly flats or heeled courts.



Although black is stereotypically seen as the choice colour of the alternative community, greys have started to make their way in. This Hades Disneybound is a perfect way to show the colour grey can be worn. Team a grey dress with a pair of black tights and a nice pair of grey ankle boots. Add a pair of blue earrings to imitate Hade’s flame hair.

Headless Horseman


The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr Toad was one of my favourite Disney ‘films’ when I was a child. Now as an adult, I like it even more knowing that Bing Crosby was the Narrator. This is another Disneybound that would be very easy to create using items you may already have in your wardrobe; plain black jeans, a grey blouse and a pair of knee length black boots.

Hocus Pocus


Here we have three, Hocus Pocus inspired outfits. Three because of the three Sanderson sisters; although these outfits do not use the colours that the three sisters wear. These Hocus Pocus outfits can be worn to parties or can be turned casual and worn on a day to day basis. Any black dress from your wardrobe will work well for a Hocus Pocus inspired outfit, simply team it with jewellery that is related to the movie.

Mor’ Du


Mor’ Du is the evil bear from Brave; the bear of legend. Again, this is another Disneybound that can be created from the staple items in your wardrobe; black jeans, black shirt and black ankle boots. Add bear related jewellery and you have yourself a Mor’ Du inspired Disneybound.

Mother Gothel


Dark red is another colour that should not be avoided in an alternative wardrobe and Mother Gothel is the perfect Disneybound to apply it too. This Mother Gothel inspired outfit can be worn at the office if accessorized correctly. A smart, deep red dress, black tights and office acceptable shoes teamed with a smart blazer or black winter coat and voila, an office worthy Mother Gothel Disneybound.



Ratigan, the villain from a very underrated Disney film; The Great Mouse Detective. He is made even better by the fact that he is voiced by Vincent Price. The brilliant thing about Disneybounding as a lot of items you may already own can be transformed into a Disney character. Black jeans, a grey top, black ankle boots and  black cardigan and shrug. Team these with a few red accessories and you will have the perfect casual, Ratigan Disneybound. If you want to dress it up a bit, swap the boots for heeled courts (or boots if winter) and the cardigan for a blazer.



My favourite sea witch. This Ursula Disneybound has a large party or wedding vibe. The dress is very formal, the bustle at the bottom creating the illusion of Ursula’s tentacles. The bright purple shoes, accessories and clutch are a contrast to the plain block of black.

Have any of you Disneybounded as a villain? If not would you like to?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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