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Frontierland Refurbishments

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As we all know, Frontierland is going through a massive amount of refurbishment. Big Thunder Mountain closed at the beginning of this month, Thunder Mesa Riverboat has also been closed, same with Pocahontas Indian Village.

This blog is just a quick recap of the goings on in Frontierland.

(Is this your photograph? Tweet me at @amycatee so I can give you full credit – I found this on my phone and can’t remember where or when I saved it).

From 14th of November through to the 17th of November, Disneyland Paris was closed as a mark of respect to those who lost their lives in the Paris Attacks of Friday 13th. Although the park was closed to guests, works continued throughout.

In Frontierland, new posters were placed along the green fences that have become an all too familiar sight in recent months at Disneyland Paris.

These posters breathe life into what looks to be a rather closed off and sad looking area of the park. They fit in with the aesthetic of Frontierland and keep to the story of Thunder Mesa; bringing in the story to explain why certain attractions are closed.

From what we know already, here is a list of the current Frontierland refurbishments. For a full list of park closures, visit the official Disneyland Paris website here.

Frontierland Closures

Big Thunder Mountain: November 2015 – January 2017

Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing: November 2015 – January 2017

Pocahontas Indian Village: Dates uncertain – could be same as above.

What do you think of the refurbishment posters? Are you travelling to Disneyland Paris during these closures? Do any of these closures make you sad?

I know that I will miss riding Big Thunder Mountain on my trips to Disneyland Paris in 2016.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel.

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