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Wishlist: Nightmare Before Christmas.

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As many of you guys probably already know, one of my favourite movies of all time is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Is it a Halloween film? Is it a Christmas film? Who knows. But I watch it all year around.

Recently, the Disney Store (UK) have brought out many wonderful Nightmare Before Christmas items and if my bank account would allow, I’d be having them all! Some of these items are unfortunately no longer available, but one can hope that they will make a return!

So here, is my Nightmare Before Christmas wishlist!



There are three Nightmare Before Christmas mugs on the UK Disney Store that caught my eye. The first one is beautiful and boasts a cursive J in black on the back and a picture of the Pumpkin King on the front. This mug is the most expensive at £10.00. The colours of this mug are just perfect.


The second mug I love just as much. Black and grey are two of my favourite colours. This mug costs £8.95 and looks to be bigger than the first mug.


The final mug has both Jack and Sally on and looks to be the same size as the second mug. I love this one also. The drawing of Jack and Sally is just beautiful. I love big mugs of tea or hot chocolate as well so these latter two mugs would be perfect.

Soft Toy

12 16

It would be hard for me to choose between these two Jack soft toys if made to choose. The first, of Jack in his classic outfit costs £18.95 and Sandy Claws costs £15.95


This Zero mini bean bag looks so fluffy and cute. I also enjoy the fact he is wearing a Halloween collar, complete with pumpkin nose. Little Zero costs £7.95.

Tsum Tsums

1 2 3 4 5

Tsum Tsums have boomed in popularity after coming across from Japan. One of the more recent released was the Nightmare Before Christmas collection. This included Jack, Sally, Zero, Sandy Claws, Lock, Shock, Barrel and a Vampire. I however, wouldn’t purchase Lock, Barrel or the Vampire off the bat. They would possibly be an after purchase a little while after buying my original favourites. Tsum Tsums are £3 each.



This melanin plate is too pretty to eat off, I would probably have it as something to store bits and bobs in, in my bedroom. For just £5.95, it would be a wonderfully cheap storage option.


The Jack Skellington Big Face Cushion is something I can imagine sitting on my bed. It also looks like it would be super comfortable to lie on! This cushion is £16.95 but would be perfect for your upcoming Christmas list! I think it has just been added to mine!


Both of these clothing items are Disneyland Paris exclusives that are available through the UK Disney Store website.


The first is this t-shirt of Jack in front of the Disneyland Paris Castle. I am a big fan of wearing dark colours and this top is just beautiful; combining three of my favourite things. This t-shirt costs £20.


This scarf is also available in the UK Disney Store and would make the perfect accessory for the up and coming colder winter nights. It does cost £19 but as it is a Disneyland Paris exclusive item, it could have been a lot more expensive.



The first ornament on my wishlist is this beautiful Jack Skellington inspired shoe. When I was a small child, I used to go through Charity shops looking for ornament shoes by a company called Just a Shoe. I would also get them bought for me by my grandparents for Christmas. Sine then, I ave just adored the Disney versions and this Jack Skellington one is no exception. It costs £15


The next item is this Jack Skellington snow globe. As well as Halloween, I also enjoy the Christmas season. So, why not join together the King of Halloween with a beautiful glittery snow globe? This is another Disneyland Paris exclusive and costs £10.


Another item I’d love to have in my room is this Candlestick. I don’t usually buy he skinny pillar candles as I have nothing to hold them with but this seems perfect to me and I’d love another excuse to buy more candles. This candlestick is a Disneyland Paris exclusive and costs £19.


Another Disneyland Paris exclusive item and it is a photo frame. I’ve been after a lovely photo frame to put a photograph of my boyfriend and myself in. At the moment I just have a cheap silver frame on my bedside table. This would look perfect there. This photo frame costs £21.


The final item on my wishlist is this beautiful Jack Skellington light up figurine from Disneyland Paris. It costs £160 so is very much a wishlist item but it is just so beautiful that it deserved a spot on this post!

Which Nightmare Before Christmas item is your favourite? Would any appear on your wishlist? Are there items on the Disney Store website that would be on your wishlist but have not made it onto mine?

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