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Blogmas #4: London Trip Report!

 Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

On November 24th, I travelled down to London after work with the other half, ready to have a day in our glorious capital! It was a lovely, but brief, getaway from life and I enjoyed every second of it. I was very sad to leave London on the evening of the 25th.

I thought I would write a little trip report  for you guys so you can see what I got up to. This is my first trip report however, so I hope it’s up to scratch! I’m also sorry it is well over a week since I was in London and you are only just able to read this now!

So, on Tuesday the 24th, I worked during the afternoon. I then went straight from work, to my boyfriends house to get changed and then it was straight to the train station. We grabbed some snacks and a subway to keep us going on the almost 3 hour trip. I didn’t save the photo I took of my subway but I always get the same; Italian BMT on Cheese and Herb with peppers, cucumber and onions with a light mayo dressing. I usually only get a 6 inch sub but due to the long train journey, a foot long was purchased!

We got to Kings Cross at about half past 11 at night and headed straight for the Underground. My other half hates the tube with a passion so it was up to me to navigate the place. Luckily, due to the time, it was quiet so navigation was easy: we got a Metropolitan train to Moorgate station. We were originally going to get off at Liverpool Street Station, however there was some issues with the track and we were too tired to wait for the train to get moving again.

We stayed in a little hotel that is part of the company Tune. Due to what time we got to the hotel, I didn’t get any photographs. You can however see previews of the rooms at there website here. It was a small, basic room. There was a bed, a TV, two beside cabinets and of course a bathroom. Our view looked out onto a large office block and the building site of a new office block. The view didn’t massively bother me as all I wanted to do was sleep. For what we needed, the room was ideal. Basic but clean and tidy, nicely decorated and warm enough. At one point the room did get very very cold and the noise from outside was very loud – this was my own fault as due to how tired I was, I didn’t realise the window was open a crack.

Seven hours later we were both up and getting ready. First stop of the morning was a very busy Starbucks. One of the highlights of my trip was remembering that my northern accent doesn’t always translate well down south, especially when speaking to a worker whose first language was not English. The girl was very happy and polite though so I will let her off with getting my name incorrect!


My boyfriend then went off to do what he had come to London to do and left me to my own devices. So, this meant that I had to navigate the tube on my own for the first time. Now to people in London, this may not seem like a very big deal. However, I come from a small town in Northumberland originally, to me, Leeds is a big city! However, I managed to get from Moorgate to Liverpool Street and then to Oxford Circus.

My first stop was of course, Oxford Street Disney store! It did take me a little while to find it but only because I walked all the way to the end of the wrong side of Oxford Street.

I absolutely adored the Oxford Street Disney Store! I think it is one of the most beautiful stores I have been in. Sadly I didn’t get a photograph in Cinderella’s carriage or next to BB-8 as I was on my own but I loved wandering around the store for the hour I was there.

I managed to curb my spending whilst there however as I knew I had to carry it around London and then on the train back to Leeds. I couldn’t resist this adorable Stitch mug and Tsum Tsum coaster. I also bought three Tsum Tsums to add to my very small collection. Stitch, Tigger and Minnie will now join Dumbo on my shelf.

Once I had finished at the Disney Store, I got back on the tube and went from Oxford Circus to Victoria as I was meeting up with a friend called Sam. If you haven’t seen her YouTube channel yet I suggest you go check it out by clicking the link here. We went to Nando’s for a quick lunch and had such a good, long chat about Disney and Disneyland Paris.

Again, I found my self on the tube. This time I was heading from Victoria to St Pauls to meet up with the other half outside of the Cathedral.

We then popped round the corner to a pub we had vsiited the previous year called The Rising Sun. if you are ever in the St Pauls area and fancy a beverage and a sit down that isn’t a cafe, I highly recommend this pub! After about an hour and two pints later, we were back on our feet, heading to St Pauls tube station to head to Marble Arch and to Winter Wonderland. We did make a quick pitstop at McDonalds so that my boyfriend could grab a couple of cheeseburgers to keep him going.

I last visited Winter Wonderland about 3 years ago and I loved it so knew I wanted to go back again some day. I thought that this year the place looked beautiful but there didn’t seem to be many German Market type stalls selling their goods. Plenty of food but not many stalls with household items or decorations. I may have just missed them but it did feel like there was more rides than anything else this time around.

After a quick wander around Winter Wonderland, we were back on the tube, heading back to Liverpool Street Station so we could grab our bags from the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, I caught sight of this sign:


I had to take a photograph purely and simply because my first thought when I saw it was, Rapunzel!

So we collected our bags from the hotel, went back to Liverpool Street Station and then headed to Tower Hill to meet up with some friends of my boyfriends. We went to a restaurant called Bodean’s BBQ, which had so much meat on offer on their menu! You can find the menu on their website, here. I didn’t get a photograph of the meal as we were with friends but I had a chicken burger, topped with streaky bacon and cheese with cheesy chips on the side. It was wonderful and I’d happily eat it all again!

We then had a small walk around Tower Hill, just to have a little look at the sights before finishing off the night with a Starbucks.

We then headed from Tower Hill, back to Kings Cross on the Underground before getting on our train back home.

The journey back home was less pleasant than the journey down due to the man I was sitting opposite. He was sat eating sushi and olives, drinking miniature bottles of wine and cans of bacardi and coke. He was clearing his throat every thirty seconds and he constantly had his legs outstretched onto my side of the table, meaning my legs were crushed in the most uncomfortable position. There was also a rather drunk lady a few seats behind us who was trying to play I-Spy with the person she was on the train with. I was so very glad to get off that train and get into the taxi home.

I didn’t want to leave London, and I can’t wait to go back at some point in 2016.

Have any of you guys visited London before? Do you live in London?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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