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Blogmas #5: Princess Baubles!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

The Disney Store has had their Christmas shop open for over a month now and they have the most wonderful collection of Christmas tree ornaments. Everyone loves being a Princess occasionally In their life, and one collection will definitely give hour tree that Royal Disney flair. The following bauble collection are a Disneyland s exclusive. I love the fact the UK Disney Store hold so many Disneyland Paris exclusives for us to buy, without travelling to Paris In order to buy them.

I love the Princesses, so for me, these baubles are beautiful and if I had the money, they would all adorn my Christmas tree!


These Disneyland Paris exclusive Christmas tree decorations are glass baubles with a mirrored bottom and glitter that corresponds to the character inside.


The first decoration is of Queen Elsa. This will prove to be a favourite among Disney fans as Frozen is still a very popular movie, even two years after it was initially released.


The next bauble is Rapunzel, looking slightly different to how we are used to seeing her. I love Rapunzel and I think that this bauble is beautiful!


When I was younger, my mam bought me the most beautiful Cinderella tree ornament from Disneyland Paris and even to this day, it is one of my favourite ornaments. This Cinderella one is also gorgeous and I really do love it!


The next bauble is Ariel in her green dress. I like this dress and feel like the colour  aids more to the Christmas design than her pink one. It’s sparkly and glittery and a very pretty design.


Beautiful Belle in her golden dress is up next. Gold is known to be a Christmas colour and so Belle would make the perfect Disney addition if you have a colour coordinated tree.


Next up is the Princess from one of my favourite Princess movies; Sleeping Beauty. Aurora looks wonderful in her pink dress. Anyone slightly wishing there was the option to buy her in her blue dress also?


Snow White, the original princess is the next bauble on the list. This one is slightly more individual then the others as it is not simply one colour. Snow White is in her usual dress and the glitter is red, which only plays a small part in her gown. Snow is not my most favourite Princess but this bauble is beautiful!


The final bauble is Tiana. I am happy to see her inclusion in this bauble set as occasionally, she od missed out on Disney store merchandise. Another green bauble on the list, however green is most definitely seen as Tiana’s colour so this I also accept. Another beautiful bauble in the collection, even if it is not my favourite of the group.

In this bauble collection, there Is also a Jasmine bauble. However, when collecting these photographs from the Disney Store website, Jasmine was not available.

I am also slightly upset that Mulan and Pocahontas are not included in this set as they are a part of the official Disney Princess line up. They are also two of my favourite princesses and it is sad that there is not a lot of merchandise related to these two characters.

Which of these beautiful, sparkling baubles is hour favourite? Are you sad that there are Princesses missing? What you buy just one or would you want the whole set?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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