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Blogmas #10: A Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As you might probably know by now, The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favourite movies. Is it a Halloween movie? Is it a Christmas movie? Well I watch it during both seasons and more some!

I thought I would search the internet for the coolest Nightmare Before Christmas, Christmas decorations or themed items for you!

The Disney Store

My first stop was the Disney Store, which has recently, stocked more Nightmare Before Christmas items than I’ve ever seen.


The first item is this Lock, Shock and Barrel tree ornament. It costs £10.95 and is just adorable. Shock is one of my favourite characters from the movie so this item gets a big thumbs up from me.

2 3

I adore this pack of six baubles. These pictures show the designs that are on both sides. The pack costs £19.95 and can be found on the Disney Store website.


The next tree decoration is Jack dressed as Sandy Claws with his little vampire friend by his side and the monster wreath over his head. I think out of the two solo ornaments, this one is my favourite. This Jack ornament also costs £10.95.

5 6

These next two items are simply Sandy Claws cuddly toys. The first is a Sandy Claws soft toy that costs £15.95. The second is the Sandy Claws tsum tsum and he costs £3. The tsum tsum would be perfect for sitting on a shelf, giving it an instant Christmas lift, where as the soft doll could be placed on a sofa.


The second place I looked for Nightmare Before Christmas themed Christmas items, was of course, Etsy.


The first item I found was this adorable Pumpkin King stocking. It was created by a store called TheTattooedButterfly. This item costs £12.95 and is shipped worldwide from New Mexico. This store also sells Jack Skellington wine glasses and a Jack Skellington bow tie.


The next stocking I found comes courtesy of WitchDreams and costs £16.72. This item can be shipped worldwide from Barcelona. I love how simple this stocking is yet still has an ode to the Pumpkin King in it’s design by including Jacks now on the fur trim.


The final stocking comes from the store HeidiMadeIt and costs £16.68. This item can be shipped from the United States. I have seen this fabric before and I absolutely adored it!


The next item is a fully personalised Christmas bauble from KikisKornerSC. You can choose the font and colour of your chosen name, as well as deciding if you want feathers on the top of the bauble. This item costs £6.67 and is perfect for any Nightmare Before Christmas fan.


The next set of baubles are another item made by WitchDreams. These are hand painted Christmas baubles and cost £12.36. These come as a pack of six.


The next item are these three resin snowflake tree decorations with Jack Skellington pictures in the middle. These come as a pack of 3 and only cost £4. they can be shipped worldwide from Illinois.


The final item I found on Etsy are these five, hand engraved tree decorations. these cost £17. 45 so are the most expensive item from this Etsy list. They are made to order and can be shipped worldwide from England.


The final place I looked for Nightmare Before Christmas themed Christmas items was eBay.


The first item I found has been on my wishlist for some time now. It’s a set of four Jack Skellington place setting cards, sold by tsj4563. They are £1.25 each and are made to order. You can choose the colour of the card used and can request names to be put on them. They have free delivery but may take a while to be made and delivered.


The second item I found are these Jack Skellington baubles sold by thetinypaintbox. These come as a pack of 6 and are £19.99 with £3.30 postage. They are hand painted, set in clear varnish and come with white or black ribbon.


The second set of baubles also come from thetinypaintbox and cost £3.99 with £2.80 postage. One bauble is painted glass and one is glittered. Both come sealed with varnish and include white ribbon so are ready to hang.


The next item is particularly Christmassy, however, I think it make an alternative Christmas decoration. It is this set of Nightmare Before Christmas nesting dolls. these are sold by hot-art and cost £18.95. I loved nesting dolls when I was a child and this design would be perfect for me and my style.

Have you found any Nightmare Before Christmas themed Christmas items you wish to share? Tweet me at @amycatee with photographs and share the Nightmare Before Christmas love!

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