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Blogmas #11: Mini Christmas Haul

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

On December 1st I went into town in order to have a catch up with a friend, but also to do some Christmas shopping. Now, the presents I bought will not be included in this haul as I do not want to ruin the surprise for people.

I did spend a little bit of money on myself as there were a few things I saw and wanted and a few things I needed.

So, I thought I’d do a mini haul blog for you guys!


New Look

My first stop was New Look, where these beautiful socks caught my eye. I am in great need of some new socks and I never go boring or plain. Out of all of the designs, these three caught my eye; mermaids, pugs and tartan. These were £1.99 each or 3 for £4, so I picked 3 of course.



I had seen this Star Wars socks on an Instagram account called DisneyFind and I knew I had to own them. They are so warm and fluffy! These were £2.50!


My second find was this lovely Disney Christmas top. It has a drop hem so could easily be worn with leggings. The material is so soft and comfortable as well! This top cost £7.



Now, I know, the Tsum Tsums in Clintons are a bit different to those sold in the Disney Store, however, I just couldn’t resist buying Baymax. I bought another Tsum, but that is a Christmas present so shall remain under wraps! The Tsum Tsums in Clintons cost £3.50 each.



So I popped into Poundland as there were a few bit and bobs I needed. A diary was one. In 2016 I want to be more organised with my life and make sure I am fully scheduled so as not to let life pass me by.


And the second thing I bought was this Disney Princess Advent Calendar. Of course by the time this post is published, a lot of these doors will be open.


This time around it was just a small haul for myself as a lot of the items bought are presents for other people.

Have you guys bought any Christmas related items recently? Or has your shopping all been gifts?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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