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Blogmas #14: Favourite Christmas Specials!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

When I was younger, growing up in the 90s, a lot of my favourite television shows had Christmas specials. These would be put on different channels in the run up to Christmas and my mam would tape them on VHS for me to watch over and over, year after year.

A lot of these Christmas specials are held fondly in my memories and in this blog, I am going to relive some of those memories with you!

So here we go!

Art Attack

Every year, Neil Buchanan and the Art Attack team would do a Christmas Special. One in particular however, always sticks in my mind. It was the 1996 Christmas special, I was four years old and the Art Attack team went to New York. Neil managed to create an image of Santa on the side of the New York skyline. You can see it in the video below, just skip forward to 8:30.

Mumfie’s White Christmas

This is another Christmas special that sticks in my memory quite well. I don’t remember really watching the television show so much but I remember having this episode on vhs. I couldn’t find the entire episode on YouTube, but here is a clip I found. You may be able to find the full episode on DVD or somewhere online.

Old Bear

There are a few episodes of Old Bear that I remember quite well. All of which are on YouTube however, this one sticks in my mind most as one of my favourite Christmas specials when I was a little girl. The videos even have the old CITV logo in the corner! Oh the memories! According to the information underneath the video, this episode originally aired December 24th, 1997.


Sadly, I couldn’t find the episode I remember watching as a kid. I remember there was a Nativity and they sang Little Drummer Boy. Instead, here is a Christmassy intro to a show I think a lot of 90s kids loved!

The Flintstones

As a kid I used to love the Hanna-Barbera cartoon and The Flintstones was one of my favourites. I remember that there were a couple of Christmas themed episodes I loved. They’re not on YouTube but there are a few previews that I shall put below!

Do you have memories of any Christmas specials you watched as a kid?

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