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Blogmas #18: Flashback – Jingle Bell Ball!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Todays blog is something a little bit different. I am doing a flashback blog in order to share one of my favourite memories with you guys.

In December of 2014, my boyfriend won tickets through work to head to the Jingle Bell Ball at London’s O2 arena. All expenses were included – train fair, hotel for the night,  taxi from the hotel to the arena and VIP tickets for the ball itself. To say I was super excited was an understatement! Straight away I was googling which Artists were going to be there on the Sunday night and I wasn’t disappointed.

Just a small blogger disclaimer; this is in no way a blog post to brag. I was exceptionally lucky for this once in a lifetime opportunity and it is a fantastic memory for me and a night I shall never forget!

We travelled of our own accord down to London on the Friday night, spent the Saturday doing the sights and meeting up with some friends for a drink, then Sunday was the day of the ball.

We needed to be at our hotel and ready in the bar/lounge area for 3pm so we could get our tickets and wristbands.

The hotel we stayed in was beautiful! It was all decorated for Christmas and had a Wizard of Oz themed area – sadly I didn’t get a photograph of it. I just remember it vividly in my head.

We then left for the O2 at about 4:30pm if I remember correctly. This gave us plenty of time to have a few drinks in the bars and to have a look around. Before heading in, the Morrisons staff all had our photograph taken with the pudpod that had made its way across every Morrisons store in the UK!


I remember there was a Sky Movies section where they had Frozen karaoke.

So after a pint, we headed through to the VIP area with our tickets and picked up all kinds of freebies; drinks, programmes, lanyards and sweets are a few examples.

The area was decorated beautifully and I was in awe the entire night. I’d never been anywhere as special before in my life and even though I was there, I couldn’t believe it!

I also saw the perfect opportunity for the boyfriend and myself to get a photograph – a giant snow globe! Getting into it for both of us was an issue. My dress was a lot shorter than I remember so climbing into the giant snow globe needed to be done with caution. My boyfriend is 6″5 and so he had issues climbing in also purely for size reasons.


The show started at roughly 6pm.

The artists that were performing on the Sunday were; 5 Seconds of Summer, Fuse ODG, Rixton, Union J, Ed Sheeran, Sigma, Jessie J, Sam Smith and Taylor Swift.

I did get a lot of photographs of the performances but they are all a bit blurred. I shall put a couple below however:

So after the show, we headed back to the VIP area (with a slight detour to give the Penguins of Madagascar a quick hug) to have a few more drinks before heading back to the hotel. It was here that something I will never forget happened.

I met Rochelle and Marvin Humes, both of whom were so lovely and polite. I did feel bad about bothering them but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet them so I wasn’t passing up on that chance. I also met two members of Overload who were on X Factor that year. Union J were also in the VIP area but I didn’t meet them.

The 7th of December 2014 is a trip to London I shall never forget and shall carry with me forever. It was an amazing, once in a lifetime Christmassy experience. Take me back to it any day!

Have any of you guys had fantastic once in a lifetime experiences?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel



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