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Blogmas #20: Christmas ASMR

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As mentioned in a previous blog post, I sometimes have problems sleeping and so, I watch ASMR videos in order to get a bit of shut eye. As I did during Halloween, I am going I share some ASMR videos for your viewing and listening pleasure , but this time with a Christmas theme!


I came across this ASMRtist just before Halloween. She even features in my Halloween ASMR post! However after better looking through the videos on her channel, she has some wonderful Christmas themed ones. What I like most about her channel is the aesthetic. Although I am all, personally, about the darker colours, she has pretty pinks and purples feature a lot in her video and I just find it so pretty. So here are a couple of Christmas themed videos from her channel:

Tiny Pink Snowflakes

Christmas Ornaments


How could Ashlie not appear on my Christmas ASMR list when she is one of my favourite channels out there? Ashlie did feature in my Halloween post also, so go check out her videos there.

ASMR 3D Christmas Wrapping

ASMR Presents! Holidays!

Holiday Sound Assortment Video


Again, another favourite ASMRtist of mine that could not be omitted from this Christmas ASMR list. Emma has a fantastic channel with an awesome selection of different videos with different triggers.

Christmas ASMR Tingle Basket

ASMR Christmas Tree & Decorations Tour

Ephemeral Rift

This channel I only recently discovered but it has very quickly become one of my favourites. His individual look at how to make ASMR videos really is fantastic! As well as making videos of himself, he incorporates many different characters into his videos; each character having a series of videos. His videos are also rather long so they give you plenty of time to relax and drift off! If you like the alternative and want some different ASMR videos to watch, then give ER a try!

Merry Christmas

Santa’s Helper 3

ASMR Plague Doctor is Santa’s Helper

Fireside Christmas Candy Eating & Review

Next are some videos I found from doing a simple search on YouTube for ‘Christmas ASMR’.

ASMR Holiday Decor & Christmas Ornaments – HeatherFeatherASMR

Lets Wrap Presents Together – Earthly ASMR

Christmas Shop Roleplay – WhisperingRose ASMR

Holiday Ornaments – ASMRRequests

Do you feel ASMR? Which was your favourite Christmas themed video? Do you have any Christmas ASMR videos you wish to share?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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