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Blogmas #22: The Love/Hate Tag

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I was tagged by my wonderful friend Lottie to do the Love/Hate Tag. I was tagged a little while ago but Blogmas became a little busy and so I’ve only just had the time to do this.

The aim of the post is to get to know me better: I need to name 10 things I love and 10 things that I hate. So here we go!

10 Things I love

  1. That feeling when you first climb into fresh bed sheets – so clean!
  2. Getting to go home to visit my family and to see my dog again.
  3. The gift of giving – especially at Christmas
  4. Disney – I think this one was a given but it has been a positive constant in my life and I’ve used it to escape many times.
  5. Travel – I don’t get to do it that often but when I do I love it!
  6. Crisp Sandwiches – not good for me but I love them, even as an adult! Salt and Vinegar only though!
  7. YouTube – I watch more YouTube then I do television these days
  8. Halloween – I love anything spooky and dark so this is the perfect holiday for me!
  9. Christmas – I also love this holiday, who doesn’t?
  10. The 50s – I love anything vintage/retro and have a soft spot for the 50s!

10 Things I Hate

  1. When people are unnecessarily rude to you – manners cost nothing!
  2. Spiders – why do they exist with their eight creepy, hair legs?
  3. How evil the world is these days – all of this unjustifiable death!
  4. ‘Tumblr Moms’ – why do you look down on mothers who use disposable nappies or choose to use formula and not breastfeed?
  5. Anxiety – the fear of being judged, the feeling of not being good enough, feeling like a failure all of the time.
  6. Betrayal – so many ‘friends’ have come and gone in my life because of this.
  7. Unnecessarily difficult levels in games – I rage quit so often as I hate not being able to do something
  8. Self-Centred people – not everything is about you and no, you do not know everything and no, you are not an expert and everything.
  9. Cinnamon – Not only am I allergic, the smell alone just makes me feel sick and at this time of year it is in EVERYTHING!
  10. Cold showers – why have an electric shower if it can never ever get warm or stay warm?

Everyone I usually tag has already been tagged I believe, however if you wish to partake in this tag, then I tag YOU!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel

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