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Blogmas #30: New Year Disneybound!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

New year is upon us and for many, that will involve going to parties or going out on the town to welcome in 2016.

With that being said, here are some alternative party Disneybounds so you can paint the town red, representing your favourite Disney characters! For more inspiration you can find the Disneybound tumblr here and the instagram here.

The first Disneybound is Babette from Beauty and the Beast. The character, for those who do not know, is a black and white feather duster; therefore this Disneybound is a pretty simple one to put together. A black dress with a white cardigan, or a black and white dress make the perfect base. Black heeled courts, or sparkly flats if you do not like the idea of sore feet in the morning. Add lip shaped jewellery or simple silver if that’s what you own.

Yzma, the villain from The Emperors New Groove, is the next character we pull inspiration from. Once again, the staple item is a little black dress (or a long one if you prefer), with dark purple accessories and lots of feathers. Add blue jewellery if you want to add a splash of colour. Again, you can swap out the heeled shoes for flats if you do not like heels.

Two very different Sally inspired outfit styles here. Try a purple dress with striped tights and black heeled courts if you want a more alternative look for your regular New Years Eve get together. If you are headed to a more formal evening do, then try a black dress teamed with a grey blazer and heeled boot shoes. Accessorise with black and gold jewellery.

Jack Skellington inspired Disneybounds are next up and we have ideas for both the heels ad the flats. For those wishing for comfort during their New Years Eve party, try wet or leather look leggings/jeans with a white shirt and black blazer. Team this outfit with glittery flats such as dolly shoes or brogues. For those wishing for the heeled glam look, try a black and white dress (or a black skirt/white blouse combo) with a black blazer and a pair of shimmering heels or boots. Accessoraize both looks with black and Halloween themed jewellery.


Mother Gothel, one of my favourite Disney villains is up next. A deep red velvet dress is perfect for this look, teamed with black and gold accessories – particularly skull and flower shaped jewellery. This look could be simple to throw together with items you may already have in your wardrobe.


Cruella De Vil might not be everyones cup of tea when it comes to Disneybounding as it includes fur like items. However, a sparkling black dress, teamed with red shoes, gloves and/or accesories will make for a fantastic Cruella Disneybound whether you include a fur coat or shawl at all.


Dumbo might not be seen as the first character to go to for an alternative Disneybound, but I love the colour grey and believe that you can incorporate it into your daily wardrobe easily. A simple grey or silver dress teamed with red shoes and/or accessories, with a tiny splash of yellow if you wish and you are done. If you don’t wish to wear heels, try red flats or a pair of red converse if you are going for the more smart casual look.


Dark versions of colours are always perfect for the more darkly inclined individual. So this idea alone makes a Merida Disneybound perfect. A dark green dress, a pair of black heeled courts or flats and gold arrow based jewellery and your Merida Party outfit is complete.


I found this Disneybound inspiration to be absolutely gorgeous. Once again, it includes a lot of grey as well as black and a splash of purple. if you do not wish to include colour, swap out the purple bolero for a black one. A grey high waisted skirt teamed with a black vest or crop top and silver accessories makes for the perfect Briar Rose Disneybound. Perhaps add wildlife inspired jewellery to your outfit as finishing touches.


Captain Jack Sparrow is up next, and who doesn’t love a good pirate?  This outfit idea leans more to the Steampunk side of the alternative spectrum. A cream dress, or perhaps a cream blouse with a brown ruffle skirt, matched with a brown blazer or light jacket gives the perfect base for this pirate inspired party outfit. Add skull jewellery and a pair of black shoes, whether they be heeled or flat, and your outfit is complete. Yoho!


Another outfit that incorporates the darker versions of colours. Like Mother Gothel, this inspirations staple item is the red dress, just pick a material that you love. Whether that be cotton or velvet, silk or with lace aspects. Black and red heart shaped jewellery and accessories are perfect for this outfit and you may already have them in your jewellery box.


A cat inspired Disneybound now as we move onto Figaro from Pinocchio. A white and black dress, or perhaps a plain black dress if you do not feel comfortable wearing white, teamed with a pair of black wedges, heels, flats or converse depending on the level of comfort you want and the formaility of your New Years party. Add black and silver jewellery and perhaps a fish item here or there if you so wish. If the weather is colder, add a black cardigan, bolero or blazer.


An outfit inspired by a haunted house seems perfect for the alternative individual no? A deep purple dress teamed with anything and everything black makes for a simple yet effective Haunted Mansion Disneybound. Again if the weather is colder, add a black cardigan, bolero or blazer on top of your dress. If the party is less formal, perhaps swap out the black heeled shoes for a pair of black dr martens or converse.


Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up. A dark green, almost black if you prefer, dress can be teamed with green shoes if you’re feeling brave and wish to add a brighter splash of colour to your outfit. Feathers, swords and star shaped jewellery will add to the Peter Pan effect. You can choose either silver or gold, whichever your taste prefers, as both would work well.


Ursula, my favourite villain is up next. Again, your little black dress will come in handy for this Disneybound. Team it with purple shoes, a purple bag and some octopus accessories. If you wish to go for the more Steampunk Octopus look, stick to black and golds instead of adding in the purple. Don’t forget the seashell around your neck. How else will you capture the voices of those poor unfortunate souls?

Are you heading out for New Years Eve? Will you be Disneybounding?

Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a safe and wonderful New Year and that 2016 will bring you magic, joy and pixie dust.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below – Scariel.

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