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Happy Belated Topsy Turvy Day!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

This is a belated celebratory blog post to celebrate Topsy Turvy day. I thought I would bring you a blog post of facts about both Topsy Turvy day and The Hunchback of Notre Dame itself! The facts used will be gathered from Disney Wikia pages.


Here is the song to start off this celebration!

Topsy Turvy Day

  1. Topsy Turvy Day is celebrated on January 6th every year and is also known as the feast of fools.
  2. It is a large festival celebrated in the middle of Paris.
  3. Each year, one person is crowned the King of Fools.
  4. The lyrics “It’s the day the devil in us gets released, It’s the day we mock the prig and shock the priest” were changed to “Good is bad and best is worst and west is east, On the day we think the most of those with least” in some merchandises due to mature themes.
  5. It seems that Clopin knew the hooded figure was Quasimodo and intentionally followed him to pull him out of hiding in order to introduce him to the public.
  6. When Quasimodo hides his face behind some balloons, Clopin cuts the strings with a large pair of scissors.
  7. When Quasimodo hides in a closed puppet show, Clopin pulled open the curtains to reveal Quasi to the children.
  8. Before Esmeralda’s dance, Clopin pushes Quasimodo to the front of the stage.
  9. During the crowning of the “King of Fools” Clopin encourages Quasimodo with the lyrics “ugly folks, forget your shyness” and “you could soon be called Your Highness”.
  10. And finally, when Esmeralda attempts to unmask Quasimodo, prompting reactions of fear and disgust from the crowd, Clopin justified Quasi’s appearance by crowning him the King of Fools.
  11. At one point, a “horse with two rear ends” costume can be seen during the song which is a possible reference to an insult Aladdin gave Prince Achmed and his horse after Achmed humiliated him in front of a crowd
  12. The Sing-Along Songs version of the song noticeably removed Esmeralda’s pole dance due to its mature content.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

  1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame was the first Disney animated film to contain a production budget around $100 million dollars at the time, until Tarzan three years later.
  2. Belle also makes a cameo appearance in the film. During the song Out There, Belle is seen walking through the streets reading her book, which would make some believe that both films take place at the same time.
  3. However, this is clearly impossible, based on the fashions, technology and politics seen in Beauty and the Beast, which placed her film in the latter half of the 18th century, pre-revolutionary (pre-1789) France
  4. Glen Keane confirmed that Belle’s cameo in the film was not canonical.
  5. Magic Carpet and Pumbaa also make an appearance during the song “Out There”.
    • When Esmeralda is looking at Quasimodo’s model of Paris, she notices a sculpture of the town baker – the same baker who appears in Beauty and the Beast.
  6. According to the song “Topsy Turvy,” the story takes place during and after the 6th of January. However, there is no sign in the atmosphere that it is winter with the exception of the opening sequence.
  7. The film currently stands with an 73% “fresh” rating at Rottentomatoes.com, with a 60% “fresh” rating by established critics (the “Cream of the Crop”)

I adore The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It was one of the many Disney films I used to watch over and over when I was a child. The music is fantastic, the art is beautiful and over all, it is an amazing Disney movie. I hope all of my wonderful merfolk had a fantastic Topsy Turvy Day!


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