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Alternative Disneybound: Vintage Inspired

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Fashion Friday is upon us and today, I bring you an Alternative Disneybounding blog post. However, this one is slightly different to the usual Alternative Disneybounding posts I usually write. This one comes courtesy of the Vintage Inspired Disneybound collection. This means there is more colour but shall appeal to those who prefer the vintage and retro style clothing above modern day fashions. Perfect for all you Rockabella’s out there! I love anything vintage or retro so this blog will be exceptionally fun to write!

You can find illustrations of the vintage inspired Disneybound at Leslie’s tumblr here or at her instagram here.


The first of these beautiful vintage inspired Disneybounds is Dory. This outfit is very 1920s, during the time of the flappers. If you do not like the idea of wearing such a bright and bold dress, perhaps swap it out for a plain black dress and dazzle with your accessories – yellow or blue shoes with the opposite colour for your handbag and jewellery.


Mother Gothel is one of my favourite Villains and her colour scheme fits my wardrobe personally. Finding a nice deep red, fifties inspire dress will be perfect for this Disneybound, teaming it with nude and/or gold accessories. A simple yet beautiful Disneybound idea.


Jane comes from one of my all time favourite Disney movies, Tarzan. jane is known throughout the movie for wearing a bright yellow dress. Pick a flattering floor length gown or a fifties style prom dress – you can wear a petticoat underneath to add more volume. Browns and lace will give the final touches to this outift. I especially love the brown brogues used in this Disneybound Inspiration.


Another Disneybound inspired by the fifties. Of course, a spotted dress is a must, or at least, some spotted accessories teamed with a white dress. If the weather is not at it’s best, add a cropped black cardigan. A blue jewel on a necklace will help show who you are Disneybounding as.


I’m not entirely sure which decade this Disneybound was pulled from but all I can say is it is lovely. This is not going to be possible for those who enjoy darker colours however, if you simply like to rock the vintage look than this is perfect. Pastel pinks and nudes will fit Nala’s look, then simply add lion or African inspired jewellery. Perhaps add a pair of jewelled cat ears if you can find any.


The Princess and the Frog was set in the 1920s so it wouldn’t make sense to create a Disneybound based off any other decade. A dropped waist is essential to the 1920s look. Team with green heeled boots or t-bar court shoes, but not too high as you need to be able to show off your tango! Gold accessories will give the final touches to this Tiana Disneybound.


Back to the 50s we go and with a very bright Belle Disneybound. This is a more casual Disneybound and so, a day dress with flats is the perfect way to go. Add rose accessories and you are set.


I think this is one of my favourites within the Vintage Inspired Disneybound collection; I love incorporating grey into my darker wardrobe. A 1920s dropped waist dress with blue and black accessories make for the perfect Hades Disneybound. My favourite aspect to this Disneybound Leslie created is the beautiful parasol!


This Disneybound could be worn at the office and no one would suspect a thing. A black pencil skirt and white blouse with a pair of white or black flats will make for the perfect business outfit. Team with pearls and cat accessories to finish off the outfit. I love this Disneybound due to it’s practical and work use.


A Peter Pan collar is very apt for this Wendy Disneybound. A simple blue dress teamed with black flats is all you really need. To spice up the outfit and give it a bit of bling, add gold or white  jewellery. Team with a blue bow in your hair.


Honey Lemon already has a very interesting dress sense, so using vintage inspired items to copy that would be a lot of fun. Again, there is a bright yellow day dress, teamed with white tights, checked socks and matching yellow wedges. If you’re not comfortable wearing wedges, try dolly shoes or a pair of yellow converse. Pink cats eye glasses, or sunglasses if you do not need regular glasses, as well as bright pink accessories will finish off this look.


Finally, a vintage inspired Disneybound for the alternative wardrobe. Inspired by the Haunted Mansion, a lacy black fifties style dress teamed with dark purple shoes and accessories. Perhaps add skull jewellery to give it some ghostly finishing touches.

Do you enjoy vintage and retro fashion? Which Disneybound was your favourite?

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