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Fashion That Will Take You Out Of This World!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Welcome to Fashion Friday’s; a day dedicated to every end and corner of the alternative spectrum with a little bit of Disney thrown in for good measure.

For my second Fashion Friday post, I bring you clothing inspired by Alien Grunge. I discovered this alternative type of fashion on tumblr and I have no idea where it originally came from, however, I love it. not everything in this style I would personally wear but I would definitely incorporate certain aspects into my daily wear. I have scoured all corners of the internet to find Alien grunge items of all price tags – from those who like to splurge a bit to those who are more conservative with their spending.

So from clothing to accessories, here we go: Alien Grunge!


Dolls Kill

My first trip was to the Dolls Kill website. It is an American company that sells all kinds of different alternative clothing styles.

Top Row L-R: Alien Platform Boots, Lost E.T Alien Backpack in Green/Pink, Alien T-Shirt.

Middle Row L-R: Alien Babe Halter Top, TUK Alien Glow Anarchic 7 Eye Boots.

Bottom Row L-R: Kill Star Alien Tee, Alien Head Sweatpants, Alien Emoji SocksYRU Qozmo Hi Alien Platforms


The next website I visited was etsy, a fantastic go-to website if you want individual looking items at a decent price.

Top Row L-R: Alien Bra Top, Alien Over-Sized Sweater, UFO Grunge T-Shirt, UFO Knickers & Matching Bra.

Middle Row L-R: UFO Funky Knee High Socks, Alien Abduction Unisex T-Shirt

Bottom Row L-R Clockwise: UFO Alien Spaceship Necklace, UFO Acrylic Choker Necklace, UFO Ribbon Choker Necklace, Green Alien Head Necklace


I found this website through a quick Google search, and it did not disappoint with the Alien grunge accessories.

Top Row L-R Clockwise: Space Earring & Cuff Set, Alien Ear Cuff With Spike, Alien Head Chain.

Bottom Row L-R: Glow In the Dark Alien Tattoo Choker, Glow In The Dark Alien Earrings With Chains.


I adore Amazon as you can get so many great things on there and sometimes for a better price than the actual website.


Top Row L-R: Transparent PVC Alien Backpack, Alien Head T-Shirt.

Bottom Row L-R: Sad Alien & Daisy Tank Top, Happy Alien T-Shirt, Chill Alien Phone Case, Tie-Dye Alien Phone Case.


Finally I went to my old faithful; eBay. I love this website and have bought many items for my wardrobe from some wonderful sellers.

Top Row L-R: Alien Green Crop Top, Alien Crop Top, UFO Pocket Sweater, Alien Vibes T-Shirt

Bottom Row L-R: Alien Head Backpack, Large Neon Alien Necklace

Alien Grunge may not be to everyone’s taste but the galaxy feel to it is simply fabulous. For me personally, my favourites have to be the backpacks and the UFO choker.

Would you wear any of these items? Would you incorporate Alien Grunge into your wardrobe?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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