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The ‘I Just Can’t Wait To Go To Disney’ Tag

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Tag Tuesday is upon us once again and this time, I have the I Just Can’t Wait To Go To Disney tag. I saw my friend Kim do this tag on her blog which you can find here.

For those who don’t know, I have an upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris in April – my first trip in nine years. I am super excited to be returning.


1. How will you get extra excited for your Disney trips?

I will listen to the Disneyland Paris soundtracks, especially the past two years Swing into Spring

2. How do you think you will feel the few days before your trip?

I will probably not sleep – I am already counting down the days and it’s only January!

3. What are the things you are most excited about?

I can’t wait to walk down Main Street USA again, to hear the music and smell the smells. To meet Mickey and Minnie. To go on all of my favourite rides (except the few that are closed for refurbishment of course). I’m excited for everything if I’m honest.

4. When you see Disneyland Paris for the first time how do think you react?

I will probably cry. I’m a highly emotional person at the best of times but going home will probably happily tip me over the emotional edge.

5. What will you do while travelling to Disney?

Unless train prices go down, we will be getting the coach to London during the night and then Eurostar across the channel. During the night I will probably sleep but for the Eurostar I may buy one of those adult colouring books and some pens or just listen to music.

6. What will you pack when you go Disney?

Of course there will be my Disney tops to wear whilst in the park, plus any other relevant Disney bits that I might need. Everything will be comfortable and good for the expected weather conditions.

7. Will you countdown the days until you go to Disney. If so, how?

I already am – I downloaded a countdown app from the app store and I use that.

Do any of you merfolk have an upcoming Disney trip planned? If so then I tag you to do this tag and give us a little insight into how excited you are for your trip!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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