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How To Have Fashion Fit For The Fathoms Below!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today is Friday and so, I bring you another Fashion post. What type of spooky mermaid would I be if I did not bring you a mermaid related fashion post? Mermaids have become very popular in fashion recently and it is fantastic to see. Lots of mermaid related items to buy and cherish!

Using these or similar items in your wardrobe will give you an outfit fit for a trip to King Triton’s under water land.

Once again, I have searched all corners of the internet to find the best Mermaid related clothing for you. From high-street to the more pricey side, I have found it all for you.


New Look

I love New Look, and they have so many fantastic mermaid related items; although a lot more accessories than fashion, but still, mermaid aesthetic galore!

L-R: Mermaids Have More Fun Socks, Mermaid Star Socks, Shell Face Watch


Cakeworthy team up with Leslie Kay, the wonderful creator of Disneybounding, on many occasions to create fantastic fashion. Sadly, these mermaid items are sold out but we can keep our fingers crossed that they will be restocked in the future!

Clockwise Top L-R: Mermaid Scale Hat, Mermaid Tank, Mermaid Beanie


Etsy, as previously mentioned in many posts, is a fantastic place to shop for clothes and accessories as you can find individual items for decent prices.

Top Row Clockwise L-R: Seashell Mermaid Tie-Dye Jumper, Mermaid Bikini Bottoms, Mermaid Scale Skirt, Glitter Shell Crop Top

Bottom Row Clockwise L-R: Mermaid Sea Shell Skater Dress, Mermaid Scale Necklace, Sea Shell Locket, Mini Gold Shell Necklace


ASOS is not usually a website I would shop at, but from a quick Google search, a lot of mermaid related items popped up, so I thought I’d share them with you.

Top Row L-R: Mermaid Holographic Print T-Shirt, Mermaid Ankle Socks, Mermaid Bucket Bag, Mermaid Tail Ankle Socks

Middle Row L-R: Silver Mermaid Shell Bag, Mermaid Shift Dress

Bottom Row L-R: Mermaid Sequin Dress, Mermaid Pyjama Set

Hot Topic

Here is one for my American readers; a mermaid collection from Hot Topic. In order to get this shipped to the UK, it costs an extortionate amount of money, however, they do sell a lot of cool items.

Top Row L-R: Shell Choker, Little Mermaid Slip On Shoes

Bottom Row L-R: Little Mermaid Hair Bow, Anchor Print Satchel Bag, Ariel Outline Cardigan, Little Mermaid Combat Boot

Which shop has your favourite items? Would you buy any of these items? Would you pay the shipping to get items from Hot Topic if you live in the UK?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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