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Mini Disney Movie Challenge!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Welcom to the first Tag Tuesday of February. Today, I bring you the Mini Disney Movie Challenge. I found this tag on Tumblr and was created by DisneyIsMyEscape. The rules are simple, you pick a movie and then answer the questions that follow about that movie. It doesn’t have to be your favourite movie, just pick one that you really enjoy. Or, for a challenge, pick a movie that you enjoy but very rarely get to watch.


Which movie are you choosing?



Favourite Character



Least Favourite Character



A scene that makes you smile

The scene where Tarzan is learning about man and how proud Jane is.


A scene that makes you sad

The very beginning with the death of the baby monkey.


A scene that makes you emotional in anyway (excited, happy, angry etc.)

I feel so happy when Tarzan and Jane finally kiss.


Favourite Quote

‘Put your faith in what you most believe in’


Favourite Song

You’ll Be In My Heart


Least Favourite Song 

There isn’t one. The Tarzan soundtrack is perfect!


I love Tarzan as a film, it is one of my absolute favourites, so when I saw a tag that gave me the opportunity to use it, I jumped at the chance!

I tag Shawnee, Rachel, Lizi, Lottie and Alyssa to do this tag!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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