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A Selection Of Valentines Gifts For The Alternative Heart!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Do you hate all the pink and frills that comes with Valentines Day? Do you prefer the darker aspects of life and love? Well this post might be for you.

So far I have brought you Disney inspired gifts to buy your other half for Valentines day. Now, I bring you Alternative Valentines gifts for those more Gothic inclined. This post will include gifts for both him and her or whoever you may wish to gift them to.



Amazon has some amazing Gothic Valentines items to pick from!

Top Row Clockwise L-R: Skeleton Stainless Steel Earring Stud, Love Spell Wolf Candle, Voodoo Love Candle

Bottom Row L-R: Black Lace Victorian Fan, Japanese Love Doll, Black & White Bloody Roses


You can find what I searched for by clicking the link here.

Top Row Clockwise L-R: Octopus Lovers Felt Sculpture, Rosewood Musk Soy Candle, Black Valentine Soy Candle, Zombie Shaving Cup

Bottom Row L-R: Zombie Doll Head, Anatomical Heart Necklace


I found this website after doing a quick Google search. you can find my search here.

Top Row L-R: Anti-Valentine Computer Sleeve, Anatomical Human Heart Candy Jar,

Bottom Row L-R: Even In Death Cufflinks, Personalised Red Frosted Glass Mug, Love Eternal Ornament, Romantic Valentines Throw Cushion

Kinky Angel

Kinky Angel is a well known online Alternative clothing store, but it also sells many accessories and household goodies too!

Top Row Clockwise L-R: Lego Valentines Rose Necklace, Love Imprisoned Pendant, Love Blossom Earrings, Nemesis Alchemist Love Potion

Bottom Row L-R: Wounded Love Earrings, Victor & Viktoria Love Sucks Cushion

The Gothic Shop

Another online Alternative clothing store. You can find the link to their website here.

Top Row L-R: Bed Of Blood Roses Necklace, Blood Rose Glasses, Blood Rose Thermo Travel Mug, Chained Love Rose Ear Wrap

Bottom Row L-R: Passion Rose Thorn Blood Drip Necklace, Skull Heart & Crown Hair Comb

Just a few examples of the thousands of Gothic and alternative Valentines gift ideas that are out there on the internet.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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