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Do you think that Creepy Cute is Goth?

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Fashion Friday is upon us once again and today I bring you a Creepy Cute aesthetic! Creepy Cute is something I discovered recently, again, thanks to Tumblr. It combines creepy aspects with more cute and kawaii aspects. There are more pastel colours involved in this alternative fashion which I think is lovely. I do personally wear a lot of black and dark colours, but occasionally I may wear the odd colourful garment.

The main question asked when Creepy Cute is mentioned, is this: Is it really Goth?

I’ll let you guys decide!


HolleyTeaTime is a store I found on Store Envy through Tumblr and they sell some wonderful items! You can find the store here.

Top Row L-R: Dripping Sky Sweatshirt, Spooky Bats Sweatshirt, Creepy Cute Bat Ring, Milky Bat Night Tights

Bottom Row L-R: Creepy Cute Bats Hairbow, Milky Bat Night Crop Top


Modcloth sells a variety of clothes and home goodies – some more retro and vintage. You can find their website here.

L-R: X-Ray Visionary Top, Rad To The Bone Dress, It’s What’s Inside Tunic

Rose Wholesale

From what I can see, Rose Wholesale is one of those websites where you can get some good staple items for your wardrobe for a very cheap price. You can find the website here.

L-R: Punk Crossbow Stockings, Lace Heart Pattern Stockings


Once again, I visited one of my favourite websites.You can find my Etsy search for creepy cute here.

Top Row L-R: Winged Eyeball Necklace, Dead Teddy Oversized Sweater

Bottom Row L-R: Ouija Planchette Pendant, Eyeball PVC Hair Bow, Cute Drippy Creepy Cute Necklace, Cute Ghost Oversized Sweater

In Control Clothing

I found this website through a quick Google search for creepy cute clothing. You can find their website here.

Top Row Clockwise L-R: Bat Wings Backpack, Magenta Skeleton Hands Necklace, Sad Girl Pastel Tee

Middle Row L-R: Pastel Blue Bat Necklace, Pastel Goth Eye Bow Dress

Bottom Row L-R: Tattoo Bat Stockings, Pink & Black Bat Dress, Melting Black Sweatshirt

What do you guys think of Creepy Cute? Do you like it? Do you think it should be included under the Goth/alternative spectrum?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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