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Why I Am Boycotting Dolls Kill And Why You Should To!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today is Fashion Friday and I’m going to be doing something a little bit different.

As many of you know if you have been reading my posts since the beginning of January, I have been sharing with you different alternative styles and showing you where on the internet you can find items of clothing to fit these styles. Majority of these posts have included a website called Dolls Kill. They sell a lot of alternative and unusual fashion items which I found worked well for a lot of my clothing posts.

However, something very important has been brought to my attention and I wish to discuss it further.


For  good few years now, I have followed Nikki Lipstick on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I enjoy her aesthetic (yes, I enjoy pink and glitter and sparkles too sometimes) and I also enjoy her work ethic. She has created a business from scratch and works hard to keep what she has achieved. Is this is not an example following your dream and living it, I don’t know what is!

Now, here comes the part of disappointment. Nikki has a fabulous clothes line; sadly I do not own any because of a shortage of money and because shipping/customs costs from America are extortionate. The clothing is all part of her Doll Cult persona and line. She created the designs herself or with the help of her friends and it’s very important to her and her fan base. It was brought to my attention on Twitter, that Dolls Kill and various other clothing lines have been stealing Nikki’s designs, as well as the designs of her friends Bei Badgirl and Gitsie Wood.

Below, I shall share print screens from the Instagrams of Nikki, Bei and Gitsie to show the products that either Dolls Kill have stolen themselves, or other companies being sold by Dolls Kill have stolen.

This example is of a dress that Nikki has custom made for her birthday party. In the comments of the photo on the right, you can see Shoddy Lynn (the owner of Dolls Kill) commenting, acting like Nikki’s friend. On the left, is Dolls Kills knock off version of Nikki’s dress. They have used a photograph of Nikki, from her birthday, as an example of someone wearing their Lipstick Print dress.


So this image was posted by Gitsie on her Instagram page (you can find that here). It shows Nikki Lipsticks Sad Girls Club backpack on the top, then on the bottom is a similarly designed backpack by a clothing company called Bone Idol. This was the first of many posts by Gitsie of companies that have ripped off Nikki, Bei or her own designs.


Again, this screen shot shows a Bone Idol knock off of a Nikki Lipstick product, posted by Gitsie on her instagram.

These three screen shots show Nikki explaining how Dolls Kill have taken one of her shoe designs, created cheaper versions and then lied about the materials used in creating them. Nikki has stated that her shoes were made by hand and that Dolls Kill bought knock offs in China for cheaper than paying her for her designs. They have then stated that the fur on the shoe is faux, yet in the original description it says real.

The next item discussed is Bei Badgirls Bad Girl Rings. Bone Idol has once again taken someone elses deisng and made a mock up as their own. Dolls Kill are selling these knock offs and therefore are condoning the theft of other peoples art work.


This is a design that Bone Idol Clothing stole from Gitsie Wood.

On a different note, Nikki, Gitsie and Bei have also pointed out that not only do Dolls Kill steal other peoples ideas and pass them off as their own, but they also fat shame female models and females in general.


These are two images that were posted by Bei and Nikki of people’s experiences with Dolls Kill. In the bottom image, the story also tells about how Dolls Kill staff were very rude to a Trans female model. That behaviour is unacceptable; especially from a brand that promotes love to everyone.

There is so much more of this story coming to the surface on the twitters of Nikki, Bei and Gitsie; as well as their Instagrams (links to which are posted above these screen shots). If you wish to keep up to date on the situation and how it is unfolding, follow the girls on Twitter and Instagram.

I for one, will no longer feature Dolls Kill in any of my fashion posts. I do not condone stealing. I do not condone body shaming. I do not condone racism or homophobia. I do not condone hatred towards Trans people.

People may say that there will always be cheap knock-offs of other peoples designs. That may be true, but it shouldn’t be ignored. It should not be made acceptable.

I am Boycotting Dolls Kill.


a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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6 thoughts on “Why I Am Boycotting Dolls Kill And Why You Should To!

  1. So I have been trying to get my clothing line @honeybutterlover launched and in February 2016 shot a look book with a fairy elf/alien. I’m friends with @eatglitter who’s brand @fete was just this year picked up by dollskill. Which means I feel like they saw my look book idea and stole it because I just today saw thier new add campaign/look book (October 2016) and guess what.. it looks a lot like mine. It’s frustrating because it’s not quite as easy to point out as design knock offs 😦


  2. thats pretty sad reall…. google dollskill like and nothing comes up really…. thats pretty disgusting… had a few compagnies liking my pinterest already, so being unique and original already is being stolen, no privacy or rights whatsoever, assholes


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