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Happy 15th Birthday Recess: School’s Out!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Today we say a big, happy 15th birthday to Recess: School’s Out. I used to watch Recess every weekend morning; back when Saturday morning television was worth getting up for.

Another birthday blog means another blog full of wonderful and interesting facts about this movie. Again, facts will be gathered from Disney Wikia.


First, here is a playlist of the films soundtrack:


  1. This film marks the first on-screen appearance of T.J.’s sister, Becky, who was previously mentioned in the 1999 episode, “Prince Randall”
  2. While the movie was released in 2001, the end of the credits has a copyright stamp from 2000.
  3. It’s most likely that the movie was planned for a 2000 release, but had to be pushed back to avoid competition from other movies, namely Pokemon: The Movie: 2000.
  4. This was originally going to be the finale for the series, however positive reception caused Disney to renew the show for one more season.
  5. This was the most successful movie based on a One Saturday Morning show, doing well with both critics and box office numbers.
  6. Two more movies/specials were released after this movie was released and after the show ended – Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade, and Recess: All Growed Down, in 2003.
  7. This was the final theatrical film based on a One Saturday Morning show from 1997 to 1999, the second movie from One Saturday Morning, and the only one to receive direct-to-video sequels.
  8. The original title for the movie was Summer Vacation: The Ultimate Recess (which is quoted by T.J. in the beginning of the film): however, it was changed during production.
  9. A few early teaser trailers used this title, though it was changed shortly afterwards.
  10. The movie poster is slightly altered outside the U.S., as the American flag in the background has been replaced with the outside of the school.
  11. The scene listing sheet in the DVD uses the same background, but excludes the other elements of the poster.
  12. This is one of the few Disney movies with a video/DVD case to be almost identical to the movie poster.
  13. The only changes were that (aside from the release date being removed) the tagline and logo switched position with each other, T.J. is showing his teeth when he smiles instead of his mouth being closed, and the rest of the gang are smiling instead of frowning.
  14. This movie mainly takes place during the summer when the recess gang is out of school.Although the film began on their last day of school.

I really enjoyed Recess: Schools Out when I was younger. I recently watched it on Netflix and I have to say, I enjoyed it just as much but in more of a nostalgic sense.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it?

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