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Dressing Like A Unicorn: Will it Bring You Magic?

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I have noticed recently, that Unicorns have become extremely popular within today’s fashion. Personally, I think this is fantastic! I love unicorns. They give a sense of magic and a sense of belief which is great for adults. It shows that you can act as much like an adult as necessary but can still have fun and believe in magic.

Today’s Fashion Friday will gather together some of the prettiest and most wonderful unicorn related fashion


New Look

New Look was the first website I visited looking or unicorn related items. I had seen a few in store whilst shopping a couple of weeks ago, so knew I would be able to find something to show my merfolk!

Top Row L-R: I Don’t Believe In Humans T-Shirt, Never Stop Dreaming T-Shirt, Unicorns Are Real Sweatshirt

Bottom Row L-R: How To Name Your Unicorn T-Shirt, Unicorn Frill Trim Umbrella


A website I don’t really shop at myself however, they have some fantastic Unicorn related items on their website, which you can find here.

Top Row L-R: Skinnydip Unicorn Purse, Skinnydip Unicorn Backpack

Middle Row Clockwise L-R: Valentines Unicorn Cupid Socks, Unicorn Trim Floppy Hat, Dogeared Gold Life Is Magical Unicorn Ring

Bottom Row: Waist & Hip Belt with Unicorn Tipped Detail

Skinnydip London

There have been Skinnydip items mentioned previously in this post as they are for sale on ASOS, however, the following items are from the Skinnydip website!

L-R: Unicorn Magic Glitter Clutch, Glitter Unicorn Clutch, Glitter Unicorn Case, Unicorn Tears Silicone Case


Another favourite website of mine; I buy all sorts from Amazon as they have such an awesome range of stuff to choose from!

Top Row L-R: Unicorn Print Oversized Scarf, Glitter Unicorn Canvas Tote Bag, Long Sleeve Unicorn Jumper

Bottom Row L-R: Unicorn Carousel Umbrella, Unicorn Killing Shirt


Finally we have Primark; one of my favourite high street stores here in the UK.

Top Row L-R: Minions Unicorn PJ Set, Unicorn iPhone Case

Bottom Row: Agnes Unicorn Briefs

Unicorns are magical creatures that aid in creating some bright and colourful clothing!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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