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What I Ate On My First Meal Out As A Non-Meat Eater!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

As of Monday the 22nd of February, I have stopped eating meat. This came slightly out of the blue as I hadn’t really thought of doing it or had even considered it in a very long time. However, I was watching videos by two of my favourite Youtubers; Laura LeJeune and Kiera Rose. If you click on their names, a link will take you to their YouTube channels. It was videos created by Laura on her Veganism that spurred me on, out of the blue, to cut meat out of my diet.

However, my body has never reacted well to simply cutting things out of my diet. I think my body becomes so reliant on certain food stuffs or liquids that if I cut it out of my diet, I react in ways that make me uncomfortable and ill. So, I decided that for now, I would still eat fish. On the whole however, I don’t eat that many types of fish or eat it that often. I only ever eat prawns, cod, salmon and tuna. I don’t enjoy the taste of any other fish.

So overall, majority of the time, the food I eat will be fully vegetarian friendly.

Although technically I eat from the kitchen where I work, this was my first meal out at a restaurant. If you eat where you work and know the kitchen staff & what ingredients go into what, it is easier to change your meal to suit your vegetarian needs.


Monday 29th of February, my boyfriend and myself went out for the evening for a meal and to go see Deadpool at the cinema. Our favourite meal destination when going to the cinema is Frankie n Benny’s. From their menu, I would always get the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich, till they took it off their menu. I then switched to their New Yorker Wrap (minus the BBQ sauce). As you can see from my choices, they are both meat related items. I have never gone into Frankie n Benny’s and looked at the vegetarian options or even considered them.

It took me a little bit longer than normal to choose what I was going to eat. In a separate blog post, I shall discuss the vegetarian options that Frankie n Benny’s offer and what I noticed from my order, that they are willing to change but for now, I shall simply discuss my own choices.

For a starter, we got some dough balls which come with a garlic sauce and the Philly cheese steak cheese sauce. This option is suitable for vegetarians.


My choice for my main meal was the Veggie burger. This was a patty made from mozzarella, red peppers, olives and sundried tomatoes. It is topped with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. I’m not a massive fan of olives but because they are mixed in with other strong tasting ingredients, I couldn’t really taste them. The burger came with fries and coleslaw. The cheese sauce you see on the side was an extra I asked for.


We also bought a side of cheese and bacon fries but asked for no bacon. I didn’t get a photograph of these though. Due to time, and stomach, constraints, we did not have a dessert.

Overall, my first meal out choosing only vegetarian options was a success. Although there were a lot fewer options to choose from, I wasn’t stuck with salad and fries.

I feel more confident now about eating out in restaurants and being able to choose from a not so small range of items.

Are any of my merfolk vegetarians? Or even vegans? Do you find it easy to eat out or difficult? Where are your favourite places to go?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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