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Alternative YouTubers That You Should Be Watching!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I love watching YouTube. I watch YouTube more than I do actual television. Also by now, you guys should know that I am into alternative things and consider myself to be a part of the alternative subculture. Put these two together and you get the Alternative community on YouTube.

Similar to my Disney YouTubers post I did a couple of months ago,  today, I thought I would share with you the Alternative YouTube Channels I spend most of my time watching.


Toxic Tears

Toxic Tears, also known as Kaya, was one of the first Alternative YouTubers I came across. She does unboxings, make-up tutorials, hauls and outfit videos. She also has a couple of nature/spend the day with her videos which I personally love! She also has a gaming channel but more on that in a different blog post. You can find a link to her YouTube here and below will be a couple of my favourite videos that she has done. Go check out her other awesome videos on her channel!:

It’s Black Friday

Black Friday was another one of the first alternative YouTubers I discovered. She does videos on fashion, make-up and is currently uploading a lot of vlogs showing us her new life in Germany with her fiancée. You can find a link to her channel here and a few of my favourite videos of hers down below. Go check out her channel!:

Snowy Lowther

I discovered Snowy’s videos a little while ago and have been watching her ever since. Recently, she has also gone cruelty free with her make-up which is an extra plus. She uploads make-up tutorials, outfit of the days and videos about the Goth subculture. You can find a link to her channel here.

Drac Makens

This is a channel I knew about for a while, but only really started to watch recently. Drac posts a lot of make-up tutorials as her make-up skills and imagination are second to non. It’s been nice to see from older videos to new that she has seemingly really come out of her YouTubing shell and is producing some really good videos! You can find a link to her channel here and some of my favourite videos of hers down below. Go watch Dracs videos as she creates some fantastic alternative make-up looks!:

Unicorn Pies

This is a channel I only discovered recently but already I love it. The music she uses in her videos has allowed me to discover dark cabaret which I am now in love with. She uploads mainly make-up tutorials at the moment however there are outfit of the day videos up as well as room tours and wedding videos. You can find a link to her channel here.


Psychara is a YouTuber I discovered through Toxic Tears (she tagged her in a video) and I honestly love her channel. Her style is so different and interesting. She does hauls, outfit videos as well as vlogs of her journeys. You can find a link to her channel here and some of my favourite videos of hers down below:

The Goblin Queen

The Goblin Queen aka KazLovesBats aka Allison Eckfeldt is an alternative YouTuber that I have started to watch recently. She is multi-talented; creating music, pieces of art and clothing. She does clothing hauls and outfit of the day style videos. She also does a few videos on being Pagan. You can find a link to her channel here. Also check out her band Esoterik!

Of Herbs and Altars

This channel is mainly made up of vlogs however there are DIY videos, make-up tutorials and original music that they write uploaded on there too. They also discuss gender and what it means to them on lots of different levels. You can find their channel here and some of their videos below. Click the links and watch their videos!

Caligo Bastet

I’ve only started watching this guys videos recently but my first impressions of him are that he seems like such a sweet guy. He doesn’t upload that often but he already has vlogs, make-up tutorials, goth tutorials and covers uploaded to his channel. You can find the link to his channel here.

ReeRee Phillips

Another YouTuber that I watch on and off. She does some fantastic outfit of the day videos that could give inspiration to a lot of Goths out there. She also does make-up tutorials and DIY videos. You can find a link to her channel here.

Rezz Atrana

This is the channel with the most up and down uploading schedule. He can go months without uploading or can upload three videos within one week. Rezz is unlike the other YouTubers I’ve posted. He’s very individual with his style of video. There is not really one style of video he does upload, although I personally enjoy his art videos. He uploads music as well. You can find a link to his channel here.

There will be so many other alternative YouTubers for you to watch, however, these are some of my personal favourites. The YouTubers mentioned above are the ones I watch most frequently. If you have any YouTubers you watch that I have missed off my list or may not know about, please feel free to pop them in the comments or tweet at my twitter here!

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