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How To Eat At Frankie n Benny’s As A Vegetarian!

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As promised, I bring you a blog post on how to eat at Frankie n Benny’s as a Vegetarian. As I said last week, as of the 22nd of February, I no longer eat meat. For me, this is a big change as I used to eat meat quite a lot, in every meal pretty much. I also stated that I am continuing to eat fish for health reasons, however I do not eat it that often to begin with.

However, I feel better morally for cutting meat out of my diet. The idea of eating meat or any meat industry by-products now, makes me feel  rather nauseous. I was expecting to miss eating meat but really, I don’t miss it that much.

So, this blog post aims to show you the choices you have when eating at Frankie n Benny’s. I will also discuss what I believe is missing from their menu with respect to vegetarian food.

All screen shots are taken directly from the Frankie n Benny’s website which you can find here. Each set of screen shots will hold a direct link to the page on which they were found.


Breakfast Menu

Breakfasts are available every day until noon. You can add unlimited tea or coffee for £1.95.

Light Breakfasts: Fruit & Yoghurt // Granola Sundae


Awesome Breakfasts: Blueberry Pancakes // Smashed Avocado // Mixed Berry Waffle

Awesome Breakfasts: Eggs On Toast // Veggie Breakfast // Frankies Four Egg Omlette // Veggie Stacker


Sides: Hash Browns // Fried Egg // Toasted Muffin // Toast & Butter // Golden Fries // Herb Potatoes // Pancakes // Heinz Baked Beans



The Lunch menu is available Monday-Friday, 11am till 5:30pm. Each main course is £6.95 and you can add a starter or dessert for £2.50 each. This includes unlimited refills on soft drinks.

Starters: Dough Balls // Garlic & Cheese Mushrooms // Bruschetta Napoli


Mains: Margherita Piza // Mushroom Penne Pasta // Spaghetti Pomodoro // Goat’s Cheese & Red Pepper Open Sandwich


Midweek Menu

2 courses for £11.95. Available Monday-Friday after 5:30pm. You can top up to 3 courses for an extra £2.50.

Starters: Garlic & Cheese Mushrooms // Classic Garlic & Cheese Pizza Bread // Bruschetta Napoli

Mains: Spaghetti Pomodoro // Four Cheese Pizza // Veggie Burger

Main Menu

Breads: Double Dip Dough Balls // Bread Box Sharer // Classic Garlic Pizza Breads // Rosemary Bread


Starters: Zucchini Fritto // Italian New York Potato Dippers // Garlic & Cheese Mushrooms // Risotto Cakes


Starters: Frankie’s Showcase Sharer // Caprese Salad // Bruschetta Napoli

Pizzas: Margherita // Four Cheese

Calzone:  Veggie Feast


Burgers: Veggie Burger


Pasta: Penne Arrabiata // Spaghetti Pomodoro


Salad: Napoli // Caprone

Sides: Fully Loaded Jacket with Cheese, Chives & Sour Cream // Zucchini Fritto // Herb Potatoes // Olives // Homemade ‘Slaw // Onion Rings // Mash // Corn On The Cob // Roast Rosemary Potatoes // Golden Fries // Green Vegetables // House Salad



This menu is for children up to the age of 11. Prices start at £4.25 for a main course, a dessert and a refillable drink. These also come with the option of having a free side of vegetables, salad or beans.

The only vegetarian options there for children are both starters.

Starters: Missy’s Margherita // Kids Penne Pasta


Desserts were the hardest for me to find. On the actual dessers page, an on any of the other menu pages, non of the desserts had a green V next to them. In order to find which desserts are suitable for vegetarians, I had to go into the Allergy Info section of the website.


Famous Waffles: Mint Waffle // Chocolate & Honeycomb Waffle // Banoffee Waffle // Cinnamon Waffle Crunch

Favourites: Chocolate Brownie Fudge Cake // Brownies & Ice Cream // Sticky Toffee Pudding // Aunt Carla’s Real airy Ice Cream


Lighter Options: Mango Sorbet // Chocolate Pancake // Lemon Sorbet


Amazing Sundaes: Banoffee Sundae // Strawberry Shortcake Sundae // Blueberry Eton Mess Sundae // Eton Mess Sundae To Share


Eton Mess Sundae To Share // Blueberry Eaton Mess Sundae To Share // Banoffee Sunday To Share // Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae


Eton Mess Sundae // Strawberry Shortcake Sundae To Share // The Godfather // Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae To Share


Eli’s Cakes & Desserts: Tiramisu // Peanut Butter Cheesecake // Salt Caramel Cheesecake // Vanilla Cheesecake

Dessert Options – One Scoop Ice Cream: Blueberry // Vanilla // Strawberry // Chocolate // Sticky Toffee // Peanut Butter // Mint Choc Chip // Brownies & Cream // Fan Wafer

I like how Frankie n Benny’s website has the option to search for vegetarian options on their menu. Other than the green V, it makes it easier to see which options you have – especially given that non of the desserts have the green V next to their names.

When it comes to what I blieve is missing from the Frankie n Benny’s menu; I would like a vegetarian friendly wrap that comes with chips. The only wrap/sandwich related items they have on their current menu are chicken wraps. Sandwiches/wraps are something that I miss on the menu and now that I am not eating meat, a vegetarian alternative would be fantastic.

Are you a vegetarian who has eaten at Frankie n Benny’s before? If not, had you ever considered eating here but didn’t know how much choice there would be?

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