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Alternative Disneybound: Pixar!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

For this fashion Friday, I go back to Alternative Disneybounding posts.  Today I bring you Alternative Pixar Disneybounds whereby I use Leslie’s original inspirational character mood boards and give my opinion on how to create alternative looks for your favourite characters.

If you don’t know what Disneybounding is yet, where have you been?

Disneybounding is using items from your own wardrobe to create looks outside of costume and cosplay. Using your imagination, you can represent your favourite Disney character!

To find out more, you can visit the following Disneybound link:





The first Disneybound I bring you today is Evil Dr Porkchop from the Toy Story movies. This look is perfect for any pastel goth out there as it, of course, includes pastel pink elements. A cute pastel pink dress teamed with black shoes and a bowler hat give you the staple pieces of this outfit. Depending on the occassion, you can swap out a pair of black flats or converse for some heeled boots or wedges. The finishing touches are coin or pig related jewellery.


Edna Mode, every Superhero’s favourite fashionista, is next up. Edna wears all black and so, for any of those with an all black wardrobe, this is a rather simple and easy to put together Disneybound. Again, depending on the situation (or whether you are a fan of platforms/heels/wedges) you can swap your shoe type out between flats or heels. A simple pink necklace can put the real finishing touches to this outfit, if you wish to add a tiny dash of colour.


Francis is the Ladybug from A Bugs Life; the poor guy is always being mistaken for a girl! For this outfit, a red and black spotty dress, or blouse teamed with a plain black pencil skirt will give the base for this outfit. Team with either black tights or black knee length socks. Once again, the shoe type is up to you depending on your preference or the occassion, but make sure they are black. Ladybug accessories will give this outfit the finishing touches.


For all you Cyber Goth’s out there, this may be the Disneybound for you. A plain white vest top with a black mesh vest on top, team with a black pair of jeans or a tube skirt with tights give the base for this Gill Disneybound. You could wear bright yellow tights under a pair of ripped and holed black tights to represent the neon yellow in Gill’s scales. If you wear Cyber Locks in your hair, make sure they are black, white and neon yellow. The finishing touches are your favourite pair of black shoes. Heels, flats or platforms; it’s your choice!


Mor’Du is another simple Disneybound to produce for all of us black clad people. A simple pair of black ripped shorts or jeans, teamed with a black top or jumper, finished off with a pair of black boots and voila; your Mor-Du is almost complete. Add some bear or arrow accessories and you’re good to go. You could also wear studded or spiked and holed/shredded tights too.


Sid Phillips, the bad boy next door. This Disneybound is perfect for those casual days where you simply need to pop to the shops or do some tidying around the house. A pair of denim jeans with a pair of converse or similar, added to a skull t-shirt with skulls accessories galore and you have the perfect Sid Disneybound. Remember; skulls!


Violet Parr; the eldest child of the Parr family. Also known as The Incredibles. For those who prefer comfort, this is the Disneybound for you. Team a pair of black, possibly ripped, jeans,  white t-shirt under a purple hoodie and pair of black trainers.


Finally we have Weezy, one of Andy’s toys that was nearly sold at a yard sale. There is colour in this Disneybound as of course, Weezy is a penguin and thus, yellow shoes are a necessity. These can be converse, vans, flats, heels, plimsoles; anything you can get your hands on. Team these yellow shoes with a pair of black skinny jeans or shorts, a white blouse and a black blazer or cardigan. The finishing touches include a red bow either in your hair or perhaps worn on a necklace. If you wish, you could actually wear a red bow tie with your outfit.

Which Disneybound was your favourite? As an alternative person, would you Disneybound as any of these Pixar characters? As a non alternative person, which character above would you Disneybound as?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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