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What NOT To Say To People Who Wear Glasses!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I have been wearing glasses since the age of three. I don’t remember a lot about how it came about (other than the genes of my family meaning I stood zero chance of 20/20 vision). However, I do remember always being convinced that I had sat too close to the television whilst watching my Disney movies.

Over the twenty years that I have been wearing glasses (that is a scary scary number), I have received a lot of similar comments from a variety of people. So I thought I would make a post, letting people know what NOT to say (or do) to those of us that wear glasses and why. Spoiler alert: they’re annoying and unoriginal.


1. Don’t take our glasses off so you can ‘try them on’.

Firstly, touching people without their consent is wrong. Don’t do it. Secondly, to point ou the obvious, we need those glasses to see. If you wish to try a persons glasses on to see what they look like or simply to look through their lenses, then ask. Usually we will say yes and then laugh at how silly you look trying to see through our prescriptions (especially if they’re as strong as mine!).

2. ‘Wow, you really are blind’.

We already know how bad our eye sight is, hence why we are wearing glasses in the first place. We do not need your confirmation of the fact after you have stolen our glasses away. I mean, c’mon.

3. ‘How many fingers am I holding up?’

For starters, let me explain long sighted and short sighted to you. Short sighted means that you cannot focus on things that are far away from you and things that are right in front of you are focused (in my case, just at the end of my nose). Long sighted means that you can’t focus on things that are right before your eyes but something far in the distance will be focussed. Now, whether we are long sighted or short sighted, we can still see the outline of your fingers. We know how many fingers you are holding up. They might be blurry, but we can still see the generic outline of your hand. So stop.

4. ‘You look so much better with your glasses off’

Thank you. That raised me self esteem by twenty points. Congratulations.

5. ‘Have you ever thought about contact lenses?’

Yes. I have, but sadly, they do not grow on trees. They cost money and if you only earn enough to pay for your rent/bills/food/travel to work, then the thought of paying for contact lenses gets put on a back burner. On another note; not everyone can wear contact lenses. Some find them super uncomfortable.

6. ‘Have you thought about laser eye surgery?’

Same point as above. Yes I have thought about laser eye surgery. Sadly, I don’t have a few thousand pounds to pay for it. Also, has anyone seen Final Destination 5?? The whole laser in the eye thing freaks me out and scares me a little bit. I have enough injury/death anxiety without voluntarily sticking myself under a hot laser thank you very much.

I have however been informed by family members that it’s not as bad as it all sounds and it really does make such a wonderful difference to your life. It’s something to think about,research and save for in the future. Maybe. Perhaps.

7. ‘Are they real glasses?’

Sigh. Yes. Unlike Instagram hipsters, I actually need glasses in order to safely see where I am going and to not constantly get headaches from straining my eye muscles. I don’t wear them because glasses are cool. I wear them as they are necessary.

8. ‘Why are you wearing sunglasses inside?’

So this one is for those out there that have glasses which change to sunglasses when exposed to certain levels of sunlight. I have noticed, personally, my glasses take three seconds to change into sunglasses but take an age and half to go back to being regular glasses. I have been asked a good few times why I need sunglasses indoors or why I am wearing sunglasses on a less than gloriously sunny day.

9. ‘Specky-Four Eyes’

Okay, I’m clutching at straws with this one but I have received this as an insult for as long as I can remember. As a child, it hurt me more as it singled me out as being different; like there was something wrong with me. That there was something worth picking on, even though it wasn’t my fault that my eye-sight was not perfect. I hadn’t done anything (that I am aware of) to damage my perfect vision. It just happened. As an adult being called this, usually followed by a few colourful choices of words, makes me laugh. What type of adult feels the need to call a fellow adult such a name? It is exceptionally childish and just shows your mentality if you think that will win an argument for you.

Bullying, whether you are a child or an adult, is not acceptable. If you are a bully, you should take a long hard look at your own life. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Do any of my readers or followers wear glasses? Have you experienced any of the above? have I missed any from the list that you get all the time?

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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