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Alternative Disneybound: For Men!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Another Fashion Friday is upon us and today, I bring you Alternative Disneybounding for Men. Usually, I concentrate on female Disneybounding as I am more familiar with female clothing styles. However, I thought it was about time I stopped alienating any male readers I may have and show that you can indeed Disneybound, alternatively, as a male.

For more Disneybound inspiration, you can visit Leslies tumblr page here or her instagram here.


Berlioz is the first character on our list; an adorable kitten with black fuzzy fur. A pair of black jeans with a black t-shirt or shirt will make the base of this Disneybound. The choice of shoes is completely up to you – black trainers, black converse, black vans or even a pair of black Dr Martens. The finishing touches to this Disneybound will be a red tie or bow tie.


Hades is the perfect Disneybound to show off your alternative side; what with him being God of the Underworld. Grey jeans, a plain grey top (or one sporting a skull) and a black pair of shoes of your choice form the base of this Disneybound. A blue and grey beanie hate, as well as a spiked belt and skull accessories will finish off your Hades Disneybound perfectly.


Jack Skellington is one of my favourite characters and I love creating Disneybounds for this character. The above inspirational mood board by Leslie shows a more formal side to the Jack Skellington Disneybound. A pair of smart black trousers, a white shirt and black dress shoes are a good starting point, By adding skeleton cufflinks and a Jack Skellington watch, you can subtly Disneybound as Jack Skellington at a formal event without anybody batting an eyelid. Of course, if formal is not your style, try a pair of black and white striped jeans, a plain black t-shirt and skeleton accessories.


Steamboat Willie is he original Mickey Mouse cartoon created by Walt Disney. It was in black and white and therefore makes a very good alternative Disneybound. Black or grey trousers/jeans with the alternative colour as your shirt or t-shirt. Whichever colour you have chosen as your bottom half, coordinate the colour of your shoes. Again, these are of your choice be they converse, Dr Martens or platforms if they are of your style. Nautical jewellery will finish off the Steamboat look.


Tramp is another Disneybound that could possibly be created with items you already have in your wardrobe if you wear a lot of grey. This could be another simple yet effective Disneybound; a pair of plain grey jeans, a t-shirt, a jumper or jacket and a pair of grey boots. Perhaps adding in a small amount of blue/green to symbolise Tramps collar.


Ursula is not the first Disney character that many men would choose to Disneybound as a first option, however, a good villain makes for a fantastic alternative Disneybound. Ursula, being an octopus, gives for a very good Steampunk Disneybound. A pair of black trousers, a light purple shirt and a blazer or suit jacket to match the trousers. A pair of boots and octopus jewellery will finish off this alternative Ursula Disneybound.


The final alternative Disneybound is The Big Bad Wolf from one of Disney’s Silly Symphonies. Again, this Disneybound could be created simply through the black clothing you already have in your wardrobe. Simply by adding wolf or pig accessories, you will turn a plain black outfit into a Big Bad Wolf Disneybound.

Each Disneybound in this post was created by Leslie Kay. I have taken her designs and given some advice on how you can fit a Disneybound into your alternative style. Neither mine, nor Leslies, designs are final. Disneybounding is about taking your own style and matching it to your favourite Disney characters. Have fun with it. Be creative. Be you.

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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