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Swing Into Spring at Disneyland Paris!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

This post is a little bit late as Swing into Spring started almost a month ago and I apologise for how busy I have been.

Swing into Spring is going to be the first season at Disneyland Paris I have visited in over 10 years. The last time I went to Disneyland Paris was in the summer of the 15th Anniversary back in 2007. I am super excited to visit the parks and see all of these wonderful decorations in all their true colours and glory.

For now though, I shall show you guys the wonders of the Spring season through the eyes of those who have already visited. Most of the photographs in this blog post were taken by Disneyland Berry. You can find their Facebook page here and their Twitter here. If photo’s were taken by other people, credit will be given accordingly and links to their blogs/websites will be attached to the photograph.

Again, this might be a longer post so grab your favourite Disney mug and sit back and relax.

logo DLP blanc et Gold


Firstly, I want to discuss the decorations that come with this season as they are so bright and colourful and fun. If memory serves me correctly, Swing into Spring took influence from the Disney parks in Tokyo with the bright colours and in your face designs.

First up is the flower topiaries that decorate Central Plaza. these have returned from last year and look fantastic once again. A new addition to the topiary decorations is Tinkerbell, who lights up during the evenings. I love the flower topiaries.

There are also some around the bandstand as you first enter Parc Disneyland.

I love these adorable little Easter Eggs that are placed around the Disney Park. there are more than I have included in this blog post, however, I think it is a fantastic little game to see how many you can find on your trip. They are also, as of recently, lit up during the evening.

Castle Stage is also beautifully decorated ready to welcome on of the many Spring shows, which will be discussed further on in this blog.

Lampposts have been decorated with colourful light shades and banners representing Spring. I think my favourite from these photographs is the Cheshire Cat.

These photographs of the wonderfully decorated shop widows were taken by InsideDLParis. The shop windows of Main Street USA are always wonderfully decorated and the Spring season is no exception.

At Halloween there is a pumpkin carver. In Spring there is a melon carver. I find these fascinating at all times of the year. The individuals who do this are so talented and I admire them so much!


(Winnie the Pooh characters & Donald and Daisy Duck photographs by InsideDLParis. You can find their twitter here)

Goofy’s Garden Party has returned once again this year. Below is a video by InsideDLParis for you to watch if you wish to give yourself a little preview or if you won’t be visiting DLP for Spring.

Minnie’s Little Spring Train returns this year but has had a Cheshire Cat style refurb. Below is a video filmed by DLP Welcome of the Spring Train in action. The song that accompanies the train is my favourite of the season:

Welcome to Spring is once again on Castle Stage featuring Mary Poppins and Bert. I love Mary Poppins so it’s lovely to see her included. Below is a video filmed by Radio Disney Club of a performance of Welcome to Spring:

The Forest of Enchantment is the new show in The Chapperal theatre that will run till the end of May and the end of the Spring Season. I am super excited to see a proper show return to one of the stages at Disneyland Paris. I have not watched any video footage of the show and have tried to stay as spoiler free as possible until my trip. For this reason, I will not be posting any video footage of the show on this blog post. There will however be plenty of snippets in DLP vlogs on YouTube.


(Marie & Scrooge McDuck photo by InsideDLParis)

Thumper and Miss Bunny return to Casey’s Corner. Rapunzel will be in the Princes Pavillion this Spring. Marie and Minnie Mouse in her Spring ccostume will be at the Boarding House. Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck in his Spring outfit will meet at Discovery Arcade in Town Square. As always the usual characters in their Spring outfits are available for Meet n Greets during Early Magic Hours.


There is a large and fantastic range of Spring related merchandise available from stores such as Flora’s Boutique. Below is a video filmed by DLRPFans that shows the merch in more detail:

I’ve probably forgotten a few things but as I am taking a trip there this month, it will make it more exciting to discover things. I have only ever been to Disneyland Paris for Christmas so can Spring take over that as my favourite visited season? Halloween may top that when I hopefully visit this year.

However for now, roll on my Swing into Spring 2016 trip to Disneyland Paris!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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