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I Am Featured On Underland To Wonderland!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

Just a quick blog to say that for the month of April, I have a button on the wonderful Danielle’s blog, Underland to Wonderland.


I am also featured alongside The Traffic Jam of Life and Love In A Modern Life. The Traffic Jam Of Life is a blog run by Fiona who is currently living in Spain. She posts Friday favourites and entries about her life in Spain. Love In A Modern Life is a parenting, book and lifestyle blog run by Chelsea. Go check them out guys!

It is lovely of Danielle to advertise other blogs on hers as it gives people who read her blog, a chance to find blogs similar that they might enjoy. Hopefully my posts this month will warrant such a lovely gesture.

Thank you Danielle!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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