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What I Am Packing For My Trip To Disneyland Paris!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

I travel to Disneyland Paris on Monday and I thought I would give you an insight into what I am packing for my trip. Of course, there are the obvious items: underwear, socks, passport, hair dryer, hair straightners etc. However, that stuff is boring, so I thought I would show the more Disney related items I am taking with me.


All of my Disney tops, I have bought from Primark. The most recent addition ot my Disney t-shirt collection is the grey Disney villains T-Shirt which I bought last week for £7. There are a couple more that I might pack or switch out but these are the ones I have so far chosen.

As well as t-shirts, I shall be packing a black pair of high waisted shorts and a pair of black skinny jeans. I have also finally began to break in my new pair of black converse so I shall be taking them with me.


I also recently purchased this Disney notebook from Primark. I plan to write down everything I have done at the end of the day so that I can write accurate trip reports when I return home. The notepad will also help me write my Vegetarian Food at Disneyland Paris post. I also purchased some batteries as I plan to vlog and record everything I can. Hopefully I have enough memory. If not, my mam is bring her video camera and her DSLR camera.

I’m also taking my Disney make-up bag. I got this from Primark a little while ago for about £3 if I remember correctly.


Not everything in my make-up bag is cruelty free yet. However, I have switched over my foundation to Superdrugs GOSH in Porcelain and my powder to Superdrugs B in Light. I will do a blog post specifically about my switch to cruelty free make-up once I have changed my entire make-up bag over. There is primer, concealer, eyeliner & eyeshadow pictured. I couldn’t find my eyebrow pencil to photograph that. I also have a beauty blender and my hair clips.


Finally, as an added extra, I have some Dedicated to DLP Badges to wear to represent the Disney community I am a part of. Dedicated to Disneyland Paris is a website, podcast and YouTube channel ran by Steve and Mark; two lovely guys I was able to meet in December 2014. If you wish to wear some of their awesome badges, you can find there badge store here. I recently bought the Cheshire Cat badge to fit in with the Swing into Spring theme. I already had the purple & grey ones as I purchased them early last year.

It’s not a huge blog today but I thought I’d give a little insight into some of the items I am packing for my Swing into Spring Disneyland Paris trip!

a mermaid be waiting for you, in mysterious fathoms below


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