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Preparing To Visit Disneyland Paris As A Vegetarian!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

My Disneyland Paris trip is only two days away and this time around, I have to be more careful of where I choose to eat when in the parks.

As many of you will know by now, I have been Vegetarian for well over a month now and have been doing really well. I don’t miss meat at all due to the amount of choice and options I have here in the UK. However, I have heard that France is not as accommodating when it comes to Vegetarians; especially Disneyland Paris. This means, I’ve had to do some considerable amount of research into where and what I can eat when visiting the parks.

When I return from my trip, I shall write and in depth report of how I found being a Vegetarian in Disneyland Paris but for now, this will just be a blog post of my research findings!

Blog Posts

In my research, I have found a couple of blog posts, posted by my friends, that have helped me understand eating at Disneyland Paris as a Vegetarian a lot more. Below I shall list the blog posts I have read recently:

Vegetarian in Disneyland Paris – Underland to Wonderland: Danielle

Eating Vegetarian at Disneyland Paris – Sammy Jayne

Vegan Bistro Chez Remy – Blush, Feathers, Lipstick: Jane

Vegan Counter Service Meals – Blush, Feathers, Lipstick: Jane


Okay, one website I found that could come in very helpful is DLPGuide, who have an entire section on all Disneyland Paris restaurants menu’s. You can find the main page to their menu section here. A few of the pages have not been updated for a few years so please take these menus with a pinch of salt as many can be changed! Below I shall write  which restaurants’s serve Vegetarian options. I will not be included restaurants that do not include a Vegetarian option. Be wary of fish dishes. These are classed as Vegetarian in France for some strange reason.

Disneyland Park


Main Street USA:

Walt’s American Restaurant – 2 menu’s to choose from; both have vegetarian options.

Plaza Gardens – Buffet restaurant so there may be Vegetarian options available

Market House Deli – Sandwiches and Snacks

Victoria’s Home Style Restaurant – Vegetarian Sandwich & Snacks available

Cable Car Bake Shop – Vegetarian Sandwich & Snacks available

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour – I want to believe their ice cream will be Vegetarian friendly.

Cookie Kitchen – Vegetarian Snacks available

The Coffee Grinder – Drinks

The Ice Cream Company – Snacks


Auberge de Cendrillon – Princess meet and greet meal with Vegetarian options

Pizzeria Bella Notte – Vegetarian & Vegan option available

March Hare Refreshments – Snacks

Au Chalet de la Marionette – Vegetarian options available a la carte

Toad Hall Restaurant – Vegetarian options available a la carte

The Old Mill – Snacks


Silver Spur Steakhouse – Sheriff Menu has Vegetarian option for all 3 courses.

Cowboy Cookout BBQ – Salad & Sides available

Fuente del Oro Restaurante – Menu 1 is Vegetarian. A la carte available too.

Last Chance Cafe – A la carte cafe.


Blue Lagoon – Vegetarian options available but not on set menu’s.

Agrabah Cafe – I have heard this one has lots of Vegetarian options

Colonel Hathis – Menu 1 and 3 plus a la carte

Restaurant Hakuna Matata – A la carte options

Cool Post – Ice Creams


Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet – Buffet Restaurant that may have Vegetarian options available

Cool Station – Ice Cream & Snacks

Cafe Hyperion – Salads available a la carte

Rocket Cafe – Snacks

Walt Disney Studios


Front Lot

Restaurant en Coulisse – Salads available a la carte

Toon Studios

Bistrot Chez Remy – Remy & Emile menu has Vegetarian options for all courses. Linguini only has a Vegetarian main and dessert.

Production Courtyard

Restaurant des Stars – Buffet restaurant which may have Vegetarian options

Kool Zone – Snacks & Ice Cream

Hollywood & Lime – Cocktails, Panini’s and a la carte


Cafe des Cascadeurs – Veggie Burger available

Disney Blockbuster Cafe – Vegetarian Sandwich & Snacks available

Disney Village


Annettes Diner – Veggie Burger and sides available

King Ludwig’s Castle – Pizza, Salad and Soup

The Steakhouse – Jazz & Chicago have a Vegetarian main. Portobello Burger & a la carte options also available.

Cafe Mickey – 2 starters and 2 mains

Planet Hollywood – Quite a few Vegetarian options available

New York Style Sandwiches – Pizza, pasta, sandwiches

Earl of Sandwich – Soup, Pizza, Pasta. I’ve heard you can customise your sandwich here to be Vegetarian.

Rainforest Cafe – Lots of Vegetarian options available.



Each hotel has their own restaurant where you will have breakfast in the morning and the option to have a main meal in the evening. Depending on the hotel, you may have a cold continental breakfast or a hot breakfast with continental options. There should be enough Vegetarian food in these buffets for you to choose from.

So far, this is what I have found with regards to eating in Disneyland Paris as a Vegetarian. There are still a lot of places to choose from, but some are simply for snacks or salads; it will all depend on how hungry you are or how often you wish to eat.

When I return from Disneyland Paris I shall write up a report on my experiences in order to properly help other Vegetarians who are visiting the parks.

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  1. I can’t wait to hear about how you get on with this! I could never go veggie myself but its so interesting to see what other options are out there 🙂 xx


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