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Disney Era Tag: Bronze Era/Dark Age!

Aloha my wonderful merfolk!

It has been a while since I have done one of my Era tags. I found a lot of other tags and had scheduled posts coming out of my ears, however, they are back!

Today, I bring you the Broze Era. This was the era of Disney that some people find the most disappointing; it was the era after the sad death of Walt Disney. It is also known as the Dark Age of Disney movies as a lot of the movies made during this period were not critically or financially successful.

The movies included in he Dark Age are (in release order): The Arisotcats, Robin Hood, the Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh, The Rescuers, the Fox and The Hound, The Black Cauldron, The Great Moue Detective and Oliver and Company.

I grew up watching this Era just as much as the Era that followed and personally, I loved it. So lets get on with the questions!

1. Any unseen films?

Nope, I have seen all of the films in this era. Although, until very recently, I hadn’t seen The Black Cauldron.

2. What is your favourite film of the era?

It is probably The Great Mouse Detective.

3. What is your least favourite film of the era?

Oliver and Company, although I don’t hate the film, it’s definitely not my favourite of the era.

4. Who is your favourite main character?

I always felt drawn to Robin from Robin Hood.

5. Who is your favourite villain?

Ratigan! Come on, Vincent Price as the voice? Perfect!

6. Who is your favourite sidekick?

Little John!

7. What is your favourite song?

Heffalumps and Woozles

8. What do you consider to be the most underrated film of the era?

The Great Mouse Detective; it’s fantastic and doesn’t get very much recognition.

9. What is your favourite thing about this era?

It’s very under appreciated and I am unsure as to why as out of the eight movies, only one was a bit of a miss for me. The others had great stories, great songs. I especially like

10. What did you least enjoy about this era?

The fact that I didn’t watch The Black Cauldron till I was 23!

This was an era with much harder choices to make! I tag Lizi, Shawnee, AlyssaLottie, StephSam and anyone who loves Disney to show me their favourite aspects of the Silver Era.

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